Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in New York City and Connecticut!

 This Christmas was an over the top Christmas.. My Brother and my Parents came out and my brother wanted to make it a "scratch it off the bucket list" event.

So we did!  We celebrated Christmas in New York City!  On Christmas Eve day we checked in to the Waldorf Astoria and then got prettied up for a very fancy dinner at Le Cirque which is one of the top 10 best french restaurants New York City has to offer... Jacket is required at this place!  So my brother and I had to go suit shopping for himself and our Dad before the big event... which took up a good portion of the weekend before Christmas but it was worth it they were both quite handsome!

Dinner was awesome!  I got to scratch off "tried escargo" from my bucket list... And my dad ordered the Christmas dinner special which was Goose... and it was the best of all the dishes that came out... well besides dessert of course!  Here are some pictures from dinner... perhaps we should have taken photos of the four courses... somehow only dessert got its picture taken!

Outside Le Cirque in front of their tree!
 At our table
My Brother Jack and Seana 

 My Dad

 Maggie having sorbet for dessert!
 Here it is my Mom's dessert... A stove made of chocolate under it was more dessert!
 After dinner we went back to the Waldorf to change so we could go see the tree at Rockefeller Center!

 The tree at Rockefeller Center and my brother!

 Down the street from our hotel is Grand Central Station and the building over it all decorated!
Unfortunately our night at the Waldorf was a smokey one... we were in a non-smoking room..(all NYC hotels are supposed to be smoke free but the Waldorf was grandfathered in as allowed to have smoking rooms because of how old it is) But someone in a nearby room was smoking like a train!  So throughout the night we were both woken by the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke... Not fun...

So the next morning when checking out we filed a complaint... they asked why we didn't call down when it was happening.. to which her response was it was 2 AM?? We figured there was nothing that could be done.  Well we found out that entire floor is supposed to be non-smoking so someone was smoking where they shouldn't have been.. and the Waldorf gave us a one night stay in one of their grand suites to be used at a later date within the next year to make up for it... not a bad deal!  So sometime in the next year Seana and I hope to make a romantic get away... 

 Maggie being cute in the Waldorf Lobby!
 Christmas morning headed to brunch!
Playing with Grandpa's sunglasses

After brunch we headed back home where our presents were waiting!  We also decided to try something new for Christmas dinner... Turduchen ... yep... you read that right.   I have to say it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either... call me a traditionalist when it comes to my poultry... I like them separate. 

Once we started doing presents we came to the realization that Maggie had less interest opening Christmas presents then she did at her 2nd birthday in fact she said we were "breaking" the presents when we opened them... Needless to say the process for her to open her presents spanned several days... which is why in the pictures and the video she is wearing different clothes for every present opened!

 Back home Christmas day to open presents!

Hanging with Uncle Jack and Marley!

 Pictures from our professional photo shoot! The coats my brother and Dad are wearing are from their new suits!

It was a great Christmas and a great visit with family, my only regret is not having the time to take my brother to the Natural History Museum while he was here!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

28W Belly Shot gone Professional

So I haven't been the best at doing belly shots and haven't gotten a 28W one done at home so these will have to do!  While my extended family was in town we made a trip to JC Penney and got some family pictures done... During the shoot the photographer did some "belly" pictures as well.

Here are some of our family shots... don't let Maggie fool you she was crying in between all the pictures being taken... I was so amazed to see her so "smiley"!