Monday, July 25, 2011

Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport & Olde Mystik Village

Our second weekend exploring Connecticut put us in Mystic, CT... No we did not eat Pizza!

We went to the Aquarium, Seaport and Olde Mystik Village to browse.

The Aquarium was great of course! It is probably becoming obvious that we enjoy aquariums...

Mystic Aquarium has Beluga Whales, Sea Lions, Penguins and a special exhibit of "outback" birds....along with the usual aquarium wild life.

Beluga Whale


Pet a shark!

Family photo in the "marshes" exhibit

The bird exhibit was just a huge walk in parakeet and canary cage essentially... but a lot of fun. It became the highlight of our visit!

The seaport was an actual seaport in the late 1800s and is now restored and displayed as the seaport and its shops would have looked like at that time with displays showing both history and insight as to how the trades worked. Of course they had boats and ships you could walk on and learn about. We ended up cutting our visit short due to hunger and the desire to eat food at the village in lieu of "park" vendor food. Before leaving I did get to see a life size replica of a real light house! Some of you may know I love light houses so this was a highlight for me!

The Mystik Village was great, super cute shops a wide variety of items... A LOT of collector knick knacks... I refer to it as hoarder heaven! They also had some restaurants to choose from, we went to this place called Ten Clams... it was pretty tasty we had fried clams for an appetizer and split their 1 lb burger with fries.... Maggie even had some fries... something I didn't think we would give her at 10 months but she was gonna get addicted to them eventually any way right???!!!

All in all it was a very packed but fun exploration of the area!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bottom Teeth = Pry Bar

So over the last few days, Maggie has discovered how to open things using her bottom teeth.

Usually when I am putting sunscreen on her I let her play with the tube... until she discovered "hey I can pop the top with my bottom teeth" which resulted in sunscreen in the mouth... umm Yuck.

So I figure no more playing with the tube... well yesterday I was using the lap top and she found her way to me and was trying to hit the keys so I closed the lap top and set it on our end table. She went over to explore it... I figure no big deal... she usually will slap it a couple times and then be on her way... well I look over and she has her mouth on it and is prying it open with her teeth... NOT Kidding! She wedged her arm in the gap she had created using her bottom teeth to catch the edge of the laptop and was working on opening it up.... So the lap top is only safe out of reach!!

This morning I gave her a spoon holder ( a little plastic container for her spoons on the go) she went straight to trying to pry open each side of the container.. so I had to take it away...

It is official nothing is safe!

10 Months!

With so much going on the 9 month blog didn't happen and since we just hit 10 months I figure this is where I should give an update!


You usually wake up between 830 and 9 am, we roll out of bed and get you some breakfast, then we strip down and get lubed up with sunscreen put on a bathing suit and head to the pool around 10 or 1030, where you splash around for about an hour, then we come back to our apartment and you get a bath (if you are still awake sometimes you fall asleep on the walk home) and then you nurse and take your noon nap... this has become a long nap you usually wake up around 230 or 3 at which time you watch your baby can read video and a baby einstein video while I clean up or take care of the dogs. Then we read a book or two and when Mutti gets home for work we get ready for dinner then go for a walk and then play a little then it is bed time around 830 or 9 ish.

Now this is how your best days go, but you have a tendency of throwing your naps off and then not getting to bed until later like 11pm or most recently after the day of our visit to the beach ended at 2 am.... Not a routine we want to establish.


You still nurse but we have cut down the number of nursing sessions to 5, we tracked your eating habits for a bit and discovered you are a bit of a snacker with the direction of our occupational therapist we have adjusted your eating to the 5 nursing sessions in a 24 hr period with 2 meals a day that consist of a fruit/vegetable a grain and it coincides with a nursing session. This is suppose to help you get to where you sleep through the night... something I will go over in the next section.

You eat a lot of different foods as in fruits and vegetables... we haven't introduced meat yet but that is next on the list... You most recently had your first macaroni and cheese experience... you of course LOVED it! We have taken the slow road of introducing 1 food at a time up until a couple weeks ago when we started giving you more table foods and soft food pieces that have more than 1 ingredient in them. So far you haven't had any adverse reactions to any food. And you would prefer to feed yourself.


You still do not sleep through the night.

You usually wake up twice a night, once between midnight and 2 am and once between 430am and 6 am. For the most part I only feed you once a night the 430 to 6 am time frame... but you would prefer it if I fed you both times...which I do when I am too tired to do the work to soothe you back to sleep without the nursing.

I am hoping that the older you get the better the chance of getting you to a point that you can sleep through the night since up until now your Mutti and I have chosen not to do the cry it out method with you... YET. The time will come.


I feel like there have been so many already...

You are crawling, furniture surfing, babbling many different sounds, you have said Momma and meant it.... You are working on the word Ball... but Im not sure if you know what a ball is.

You haven't walked yet. Your pediatrician thinks you will work around 11 months... we will see. You don't seem to interested in assisted walking.. you would rather crawl to your destination.

You enjoy the stairs and we are teaching you to go down the stairs in the safest love climbing.... up and then working your way down the stairs. It makes Mommy nervous but not nearly as nervous as it makes your Mutti!


You find the dogs to still be funny. You also seem to think you are funny... you laugh to yourself a lot... I sometime wonder if you are saying little jokes to yourself in your head because you will laugh at what seems like nothing involving the environment your are in.... You love to shake things and you also love to clap and bob your head to music!


the wiggle giggler is always a hit, you also really like to play with the boxes of toys you much so I have kept a couple of them in your toy box.


You now wear the pants of 6-9 months,for shirts you are wearing the 9-12 month or 12 month tops. You can fit into some 18 month clothes you have a swim suit that you wear that is 18 months and a couple onezie dress thingies that fit you that are 18 month.


The tips are still brown, but most of your hair is a dark blonde with a strawberry hue to it, especially when you wear pink!


Your eyes are definitely blue and pretty as can be!


Birth: 9 lbs 8 oz (99th percentile), 21 1/2" long
3 Months: 14 lbs 3 oz (90th percentile), 24 3/4" long (97th percentile)
6 Months: 17lbs 12 oz (83rd percentile), 28 1/2" long (99th percentile)
9 Months: 18lbs 14 oz (56th percentile), 29 3/4" long (95th percentile)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Todd's Driftway

A must for us during our stay in Connecticut is spending some time at the beach... any beach... Well any kid friendly, not trashed beach.

So our first beach visit was to Todd's Driftway outlooking the Long Island Sound. Very clean, very beautiful.... very kid friendly.

We went with one of Seana's friends from high school, Laura. Laura lives in Greenwich, CT and has hosting perfected! We were surprised with a "house warming" gift for Seana and I, as well as a book and a toy for Maggie. She fed us Bagels and Lox with cream cheese... and was our guide to getting to our first beach... She even paid for our parking and day passes. Thank You Laura!!

So Todd's Driftway... non residents have to pay $2o to park and $5 per person over 5 to use the beach... pricey yes... but the place was super clean and perfect for Maggie's first beach experience!

We spent the day with Laura, her husband and their boys, and her husband's brother, his wife and their daughter who was also a September 2010 baby. Her name is Ava and she is super cute... and on the move... She has walking down! The girls didn't interact once we were at the beach but it was nice to be around some other people who were actually introduced to us.

We picked the perfect time to go to the beach not even 15 minutes after getting their the tide went out and Maggie got her own little pool with sand to play in. Granted her idea of playing was splashing and "tasting" the sand.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pool Side

One of the perks of apartment living is a maintained pool. So I have made it a point to take Maggie to the pool a couple times a week. She really loves playing in the water and exploring her surroundings.

Here are a couple shots of her hanging at the pool!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hello Connecticut!

Well we did it, Maggie, Zia & I successfully flew from Detroit to Baltimore to Hartford! Both Maggie and Zia were great travellers but I am happy to be done with it!

I am happy to report the Maggie was ear to ear grins when she saw her Mutti!

Connecticut is very pretty, very green and very humid... our first day here and we went to a "minor" league game... I guess they aren't minor league but they aren't major league they are just a professional league.... Seana's new employer got a box, they were great seats! Anyway we went and cheered on the Bridgeport Bluefish... and almost got hit with a baseball! It was a zinger too!!!

A great way to start our extended vacation!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Time with Grandma & Grandpa and a trip to Michigan!

Well this week has been crazy. We managed to get the house in order and everything packed (fingers crossed we have everything)! A big Thanks to my parents in all their hard work and Maggie sitting...

Maggie chilling with Grandpa in the backyard!
She is so cute!
She doesn't want to touch the grass!
Looking at the pond with Grandma & Grandpa
We said goodbye to Seana and the dogs on Monday and have spent our time with my parents and extended family up in Michigan.

So this week I took the backseat to planning anything... Decided I would just let my parents take us where ever and enjoy the people around me. The only downside to this plan is I didn't get to see my friend Kim this trip... and by the end of the week found my way back into some of the planning so we could see Audrianna and Melanie and her new addition Harper!

During the week we swam at Aunt Robbie and Uncle Mark's and went and watched my cousin Landon's Tball game! Here is Maggie watching the game!

Landon taking a break from the game to pose!
A pic of Maggie and our cousin Mya in the background!

My mom and Audrianna!
Me & Maggie
Meeting our new cousin Harper Faith!!

This was when I realized how big my baby has gotten, and how tiny Miss Harper is!
My Mom as "Great Aunt Cheryl" with Harper
Cousins & Friends! Me & Melanie and Maggie & Harper!

Connecticut tomorrow!! I can't wait to see my wife!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Top Teeth Cut!

Maggie just cut her two top front teeth! Thank God! She was getting to be quite the fussy pants!

She has been fussy about her gums over the past 5 or so days... Our remedy was an ice cube in one of those fruit sucking bag things... It seemed to help. I am just happy we are 2 more down!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Connecticut Plan

June has been a crazy month! We had trips to Chicago and Nashville and have decided to take off to Connecticut for 4 months starting in July....

The Connecticut Plan.

Well we have decided to only pack the necessities no furniture and is minimalistic as possible with the intent to buy what we need when we get out there. We have some friends who were recently married moving into our place to watch it for us in our absence so they will have a fully furnished home to abide in. We have found a 850 SQ FT 1 bedroom apartment to live in and are going to take the dogs so we are really going to have little living space!

So I have been doing some deep cleaning and organizing of our home for our house sitters.... and now I have to get to packing.... Luckily my parents are here this week and are "eager" to help. I have my dad doing some "manly" projects around the place... mostly yard work and I have to say it is great to have the help! My mom and I are cleaning/inventory-ing and I am making a pack pile!

During their down time which they have some of I didn't leave a ton for them to do, they are babysitting!!! Which is SO helpful, I am getting so much more accomplished not having to watch Maggie while packing and cleaning.

I guess I should tell the rest of the plan, My parents are here through the 9th of July so Seana and I are leaving for Connecticut seperately. She is leaving on the 4th of July by car and Maggie and I are leaving on the 9th by plane! Seana is taking Odie and Marley and I am taking Zia.