Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maggie & Grandpa's Birthday Weekend!

My dad flew out Thursday for he and Maggie's 2nd birthday!  It became an entire weekend of celebrating!  Seana had a conference she had to attend Friday morning in NYC and her company approved a hotel room in Manhattan so she wouldn't have to get up at the crack of dawn on Friday to go... So we decided to make a family trip of it with my Dad meeting us when he got in Thursday night!  The hotel we got was the Le Parker Meridian.. very contemporary.. but we got a "suite" with a pull out bed/couch so everyone had a place to sleep!  It is at a great location... 

1) there was a Starbucks right across the street 
2) it is only a couple blocks from Central Park and FAO Schwartz!!

So while Seana was doing her business thing... Dad, Maggie and I took a stroll through part of Central park!

Posing in front of Central park!

Checking out a pond!
Checking out the grass!
Listening to a saxophone player and getting photos taken by Grandpa!

For Lunch Seana went to a place called the Rouge Tomate ~ It turns out they have a lunch cart so we also had the Rouge Tomate for lunch!  We had upscale burgers... unfortunately baby to be wasn't having it and my stomach decided half a burger was all it could take!  Ahh pregnancy.  We wandered by the Central Park Zoo and Dad got he and Maggie some dipping dots ice cream!
We made our way to FAO Schwartz where Maggie got to play on the piano from the movie "BIG!" It was fun to see her try it out, she was however too light to get most of the keys to play for her... maybe next year!
After FAO Schwartz we found our way to where Seana had lunch and met up with her for the ride back home!

Saturday (15th) was Maggie's birthday party!  She opened some presents...this time with a bit more enthusiasm then her 1st birthday but not much... the presents just don't seem to be her thing!

She had two of her friends over, Dorian and Amber!
And the cake was ice cream cake!! YAY!!

On Sunday, Seana hung out with Maggie, while my Dad and I went to a Yankees Game!  It was the Yankees -vs- Rays (Tampa) it was a great game... a little hot out where our seats were as they were in the sun... but the Yankees won!
On Monday morning we went to the park and Maggie did some swinging....
And some exploring!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to Grandpa in the afternoon, so it was off to the airport so he could catch his flight back to New Mexico!  All in all it was a great birthday weekend!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cravings... Morning Sickness... Naps

So I spent the majority of my time during the 1st trimester dealing with waves of nausea.. which almost seemed constant... Not only that but I was reminded about how tired your body gets when growing another person!  So the housework suffered as did my ability to blog anything...  that's right... even as you read this you are a victim of backdating!

Maggie being the tot that she is kept me on my toes, but I did learn to nap when she napped... however I still was worn out at all times!

I tried to compare how I was feeling to when I was pregnant with Maggie, and I feel like this time I was much more nauseous; to keep from feeling nausea I found that if I was constantly eating that it this time I gained weight more quickly or at least I think I did?!

Cravings.. it is always interesting what you crave.  The beginning of this pregnancy I wanted sour and spicy... dill pickles, nachos with jalepenos, chicago style hot dogs, spicy italian sandwiches with banana peppers and pickles.  I didn't seem to keen on sweets... I still wanted buffalo chicken... and I wanted red meat!  And lots of it... I don't think I have blogged about this previously, but Seana and I had started moving towards vegetarian... we had pretty much given up red meat... I had gotten sick on one of our trips after eating a ribeye so even the sight of red meat left me disgusted... Leave it to pregnancy to make all that fade away!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our "DC" Trip

We had wanted to do a DC trip this year... full of sight seeing and hanging with friends and family... but somehow this got changed to a long weekend trip.  Where we just spent time with family.  Next year we will maybe see the sights!

This trip was not an easy one, as we were headed to the airport, Maggie started to show signs of getting sick... So much so we almost cancelled completely.  But alas, I made the final decision and it was to go.  So off we went.. by the time we landed Maggie was miserable, and Seana and I got to experience one of THE worst nights as parents trying to help our little babe.   Seana got vomited on, and no one got rest... Luckily our host my "Aunt" Mush (my Mom's BF) was very helpful and didn't complain one bit that she also got no sleep.  The next morning... Maggie was on the mend and well enough for us to head out to meet up with my cousin LeAnne. 

We had planned to spend Saturday night to Monday morning with her and her husband.. So we met up at this place called Casey Jones... where I had this awesome steak sandwich that I will probably crave for the rest of my life!  

Saturday night we took it easy as Maggie continued to work on getting better.. and Sunday we went into Fredericksburg, VA to walk downtown and enjoy some good company!  That evening Maggie was feeling great again!  So we took her to the park and she got to do her favorite thing! SWING!!  These are the only pictures we took during the entire trip...


That evening we had a nice home cooked meal and then the next morning we taken back to the airport. All in all a great visit with family!