Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our "DC" Trip

We had wanted to do a DC trip this year... full of sight seeing and hanging with friends and family... but somehow this got changed to a long weekend trip.  Where we just spent time with family.  Next year we will maybe see the sights!

This trip was not an easy one, as we were headed to the airport, Maggie started to show signs of getting sick... So much so we almost cancelled completely.  But alas, I made the final decision and it was to go.  So off we went.. by the time we landed Maggie was miserable, and Seana and I got to experience one of THE worst nights as parents trying to help our little babe.   Seana got vomited on, and no one got rest... Luckily our host my "Aunt" Mush (my Mom's BF) was very helpful and didn't complain one bit that she also got no sleep.  The next morning... Maggie was on the mend and well enough for us to head out to meet up with my cousin LeAnne. 

We had planned to spend Saturday night to Monday morning with her and her husband.. So we met up at this place called Casey Jones... where I had this awesome steak sandwich that I will probably crave for the rest of my life!  

Saturday night we took it easy as Maggie continued to work on getting better.. and Sunday we went into Fredericksburg, VA to walk downtown and enjoy some good company!  That evening Maggie was feeling great again!  So we took her to the park and she got to do her favorite thing! SWING!!  These are the only pictures we took during the entire trip...


That evening we had a nice home cooked meal and then the next morning we taken back to the airport. All in all a great visit with family!  

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