Saturday, January 29, 2011


Maggie has these pajamas that well make her look like Elvis.. Maybe its her hair!

Enjoy this apologies for my singing!

Such a cutie!

The things we do when its cold outside!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I don't know if I mentioned or not that Maggie is enrolled in a state funded program called First Steps. First Steps is a developmental aid for kids up to the age of three. Your little one gets evaluated and if need be they are given physical therapy sessions and/or occupational therapy sessions... Other therapy is also available. The great thing about this program is the therapists come to you! So no having to drive off to some office and because I am unemployed and not legally bound to my love Seana and her wallet... the state covers the cost!

When Maggie was evaluated soon after we got her home from the hospital the evaluation concluded that she needed some therapy. She was set up with physical therapy once a week and occupational therapy once a month. The physical therapy was recommended because Maggie doesn't use her stomach muscles and arches her back way too much. The occupational therapy was to continue monitoring her suck, swallow, breathe function when eating.

So Maggie has met with her physical therapist 3 times, today being the 3rd. Today's session went very well, the therapist felt she has corrected a lot of the arching and is using her stomach muscles correctly and we are now going to reduce her therapy sessions to once a month! Which means she is just going to monitor her progression. Of course Karen (the therapist) said all the right things to this Mommy... That Maggie is really progressing well, and is actually quite advanced in her motor skills especially in how aware and observant she is of her surroundings!

We have met once with her occupational therapist, Susan, who observed her breastfeeding. She thought Maggie did a good job and didn't seem to have any concerns. We discussed the food transition (babies can start transitioning at age 4-6 months to cereal and mushed foods) and given that Maggie didn't really start feeding herself until she was a month or so old Susan suggested holding off on introducing cereal a little while which will give her a chance to really get used to the breast and bottle before adding in a spoon. To me that seemed reasonable... or it did at the time we met which was a couple weeks ago now. The catch is Maggie is no longer sleeping through the night because she is hungry every 2 or 3 hours. We meet with Susan again next week.. I am going to discuss making the switch at least before bed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Hours of prodding for a signature????

So today I had the following:
An entire physical including the simple things like Blood pressure to the “wear this gown” tests
A urine test for … who cares what for, I had to pee in a cup
A blood draw – which took both arms due to my shy veins
A Tuberculosis test – which includes needles and something called “a wheel” under my skin

You may be asking … “Are you ill? Why all the tests?” Well apparently for my adoption paper work they need to know if I have high cholesterol, a bad BMI, TB, STDs, and diabetes. Explain to me why adoption cares about this? The paperwork also asked my Dr. if I had history of drug abuse or was emotionally unstable ….. wait ….. how would my Dr even know that!?!

Well what made it all better is MJ and Maggie were there cheering me along (and Melissa had blood work done too cause she lives in the household where I am adopting). Maggie even threw up milk to show her disgust at the whole injustice of the situation. When we left the office, Maggie was exhausted and MJ and I looked all beaten up, but I think we all felt better knowing it was behind us.

Up next …. Setting up the home study.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maggie Chips In

So here is a short video of Maggie and I shoveling the drive after some snow!

We make quite the team!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The giggle that launched 1000 videos

Its official – Maggie laughs at her environment and I now find myself enthralled with her giggle. Maggie first laughed when grandma visited and she would giggle when you tickle her or play certain games with her, but just this week she has started to squeal and giggle at the environment – specifically the dogs. I wish she was laughing at my excellent jokes or my witty songs of diaper changing …. but no …. she laughs when Odie tries to lick her face or Marley sits by her.
I first discovered this when Maggie and I were playing superman – which is where I rock her belly down in my arms while making “swooshing” noises. We have been playing superman since she was super little but now she gets the added sound effects and bigger flying motions (upgrade since she can hold her head up). This weekend I was playing superman and flying her toward Marley when all the sudden she started to giggle. I did it again, and she started to giggle more. Then she was in full squeal every time she got close to his face.
Every week she gets more fun. I love that little girl.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Baby Can Read

For Christmas Maggie got the "Your Baby Can Read" kit from her Grandpa & Grandma T. If you haven't heard the infomercial it is a system that teaches babies how to read.... I had seen it before and was curious but not curious enough to shell out the $$$ to get it.... Well to my surprise and delight Grandma and Grandpa were curious enough!

It has a 7 month schedule provided with the materials... We started Month 1 at the beginning of January... Maggie has a DVD she is supposed to watch twice a day, flash cards to use and a book of words.

This program is a challenge... I haven't been able to consistently watch the video twice a day... I have done it at least once a day everyday... but this video is SO BORING!!! It is very repetitive and not in the least bit intellectually stimulating.... BUT I know how to read and I am not its intended audience. I try to remind myself of that fact. It's for Maggie not Me... my little mantra (I have to chant this in my head everyday before I turn the DVD on).

Maggie isn't always that interested in it either... I find myself holding her and doing the keep her facing the TV dance... I thought for sure she would be into it like she is when she watches the baby einstein DVDs but alas... her attention isn't captured by words on a screen... or it isn't for very long. Im pretty sure that is why they want you to have them watch it twice a day... it is twice the opportunity for them to see the words as they glance around. The good news is she seems really intrigued by the flash cards and does pretty good with the book.

I will keep this going, I think the results could be great, but the only way to get them is to keep at it. They say that it takes about 6 months for your baby to grasp the concept of reading, and that once they can read 50 words they go into turbo learning mode.. so I want to see if this holds true, I think if it is true this will be a great jump start for Maggie!

I am going to try to watch the DVD twice a day for the rest of January. Wish me luck!

Schedule... Ssshmedule

Since Maggie's birth we have heard and read that babies need to be on a schedule... Seana and I have discussed it and attempted it and ignored it over the past 4 months... But this last week we decided it was time.

We are getting on a schedule...There are various reasons... for instance: I am tired of staying up until the middle of the night, I want some down time and I want it at night not if I wake up before her. Most importantly Seana and I don't have any one on one time really and we miss each other.

So we are on day 3ish of getting Maggie to bed at 9 and asleep soon after. Let me just say that we did keep a schedule before it was called Maggie's schedule... she dictated her needs and we met them. I haven't wandered to far from this... during the day I feed her, change her diaper and let her nap pretty much when SHE dictates it, but I have noted the times these are taking place and I have been trying to veer her to do these things at about the same time every day so that there is some consistency.

Right now this is Maggie's day (Please note that this is week 1 and these times are in the key of ISH as in 1ish or 2ish we are not that tight of a ship!):

930 AM- Rise and Shine its Smiling time and a quick diaper change!
10 AM-MMMM Breakfast! Another diaper change...
11-Noon-Play!!!! and EAT! sometimes a mini nap....
Noon-1 PM- Short Nap Time
1 PM- Diaper change
1PM - 3PM- Your baby can read time and ride with Mommy in my Snugli!
3PM- Time to EAT!!! Diaper change time!
3PM-6PM- The big Sleep
6PM-830PM- Diaper Change....EAT!!! Hang out with Mutti (Seana), watch Mommy and Mutti eat dinner and PLAY!!!
830PM-Get ready for bed... put on my PJs, go through flash cards or read a book, and get ready for bed!
9PM-EAT!!!! Fall asleep for the night....Mommy and Mutti hope anyway!

This is kind of how her day goes... some days she takes more naps or eats more snacks... but you get the idea.

So far we have successfully gotten her to fall asleep by 930 PM... the trick is whether she stays asleep... wouldn't you know it... she WAKES up at about 1030 and wont get back to sleep until midnight or 1 AM!!! BAAAAH! Not a good time for Mommy or Mutti!!! It is during this wonderful period of time... the schedule becomes a ssshmedule in my mind and I want to throw it out the window!!

Luckily, I have learned patience.. or I have a Seana!! Who is great at answering my "Im going crazy" pleas and gives me a few minutes to calm down!!

We will get this schedule thing going... it seems to be working... after all this post exists! I accomplished writing this while she sleeps! YAY!

Monday, January 17, 2011

4 months!

Yesterday marked Maggie's 4 month birthday! I can't believe it. I was looking at pictures and videos chronologically from when she was born, it is absolutely amazing how much she has changed and grown!

This last week, she had her 4 month wellness check up and vaccines. She now weighs in at 14 lbs 14 ozs and she is 26" long! She is now in the 78th percentile for weight, and in the 97th percentile for height! At her 2 month wellness check up she was in the 84th percentile for weight, and we just learned that for height then she was in the 99th percentile! She is SO tall!

Over Christmas my parents were here visiting and my Mom is 5'0" tall... I have to say when she held Maggie, Maggie looked ginormous!!! She will be half her size in no time it seems!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maggie's Milestones in 2010

I found a chart on baby center that shows the milestones:

Here are Maggie's Accomplishments

Month 1: Stares at faces, responds to sounds, vocalizes ooh and ahhs and Smiles (didn't get much tummy time that I know of when at the hospital)

Month 2: Vocalizes gurgles and coos, follows objects across field of vision, notices her hands, holds head up (I don't know if it was at a 45 degree angle or not), smoother movements, lifts head and shoulders when lying on her tummy, and bats at toys.

Month 3: Holds head steady, can bear weight on legs, visually tracks moving objects, now squeals with her gurgles and coos, laughs, coos when talked to, recognizes my voice, face and scent, can bring hands together, grasp toys, turns towards loud noises, rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy, and does mini push ups.

Our little girl is on track I guess! Everyday she does something new and I love it! When we were in the hospital we were told that she is a different baby from the day before and what she may not have been able to do yesterday she may do today... That tidbit rings so true!

Rolling over to a New Year

Our little girl did it! She has rolled over!

Her first roll was from tummy to back on Dec. 27th witnessed by myself, her Grandma and our Aunt Robbie... I had a camera ready... and missed getting it on video Bahh!

Then on New Years Eve day, I was taking advantage of having Seana home from work, I was sitting on the floor next to where Maggie was playing on her back. My attention not focused on Maggie but on the TV, I was watching Grey's Anatomy and eating oatmeal for breakfast while talking to Seana.... Yes this is me multi-tasking if you will. I glance down and realize that Maggie is now on her tummy! AND I MISSED THE WHOLE THING!

So I finish my breakfast, roll her back on to her back and go for the camera... I come back and she is on her tummy again! She is a rolling NINJA!!

So here is the footage I finally managed to get... not her first time but close enough!

Maggie's First Christmas

One thing I found true this Christmas... Having a child brings back all the joy of the holiday! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays it always has been, but I did reach a point in my adulthood where the anticipation of the day was lost. Now that Maggie is here that anticipation is back in full force! This year I was all about decorating, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies and starting Christmas traditions for Maggie to enjoy!

I am quite aware that Maggie isn't old enough to remember her first Christmas but I need a couple practice rounds to work out the kinks of our traditions. For instance there is such a thing as baking too many cookies... and communication is the key to Christmas Eve dinner going off with out a hitch!

Here are some pictures and video of Maggie enjoying her first Christmas!

Odie keeping tabs on which presents should be opened next!

Maggie helping Muti (Seana) open her present!

Mommy (Me) getting Maggie ready to open her first present!

Maggie opens her first present from Uncle Jack!

Maggie starts to open a present from Nana and Grampa!

Maggie finishes the job!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thankfully my boss doesn't poop on my desk.

Stay-at-home moms have a tough job. They can't really predict what their job (i.e. the baby) will be like on any given day. And they can't leave their work (i.e. the baby) when they go home. I call Maggie the "little dictator" when she changes MJs plans. For example, the Little Dictator likes to poop on or throw up on MJ right when we are supposed to leave. We like to believe we are in charge of Maggie ... but really she is in charge of us.

Being the "outside the home working parent", I am sure glad my boss doesn't randomly interrupt my day the way Maggie interrupts MJs. Never has my boss thrown up on my desk making me late for a meeting. Never has my boss called me at 2am hungry for a snack. And never has my boss decided to yell at me for 20 minutes straight. So for those things I am thankful.

What does stink about my job (besides month end reports) is the fact I miss out on Maggie time. I only get to see her about 4 hours a day (depending on her napping). I miss out on snuggles, smiles, play time and bonding. Lately she is starting to really prefer MJ to me when she is tired and wants to snuggle. Who can blame her??? MJ is there all the time. I am there some times. I can't explain to a baby that I have to make money so she has a stay-at-home parent.

Luckily MJ rocks at being a stay at home mom and I know Maggie is getting the best care possible. I never worry that my "day care" is drugging my daughter or neglecting her. I never worry that she is left to cry for an hour or is sitting in a poopy diaper for most the day. I am thankful for that.

So I try to focus on the fact that my job is to make it possible for MJ to do her job. And MJs job is to keep me sane so I can do my job. And Maggie's job is to poop on things at the worst moment possible .... so far Maggie is right on track.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Maggie likes today

Just wanted to take a minute to capture what Maggie is like right now.

She is still a morning baby. She is chatty in the morning and all smiles. It is still one of my favorite parts of the day. Lately she has been sitting with me at the table. I will sit her on my leg and hold her with my left hand and arm while she looks at toys I sit on the table. She will play while I eat one handed. I love it! I love the fact she will sit and play long enough for me to eat. I love the fact that she tries to look on my plate and the fact that she grabs my napkin and plays with it.

She has started to pull things to her mouth. She currently loves napkins. I am constantly telling her "Don't eat it." She still loves to be changed .... well she loves having no diaper on. Since she rolls over, we can no longer leave her on the changing table. While on her belly. she will reach for toys in front of her and talk to them.

She makes me smile every day and I am so blessed to have her and Melissa.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hello 2011. Today has been an amazing day and I started to think about how amazing last year was. Last year this time Maggie was two pink lines on a stick and a hope for a healthy baby. Today my Queen Bean rolled over back to tummy. Who would have thought she would do it so soon. Like all things standard or planned, Maggie likes to ignore them and make her own standards and plans.

A lot has happened this year. We have moved - twice. I started my MBA. I got a raise and then a new job. We bought a boat. We had a baby. We survived 6 weeks in the NICU. Our baby has rolled over.

Welcome 2011.