Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thankfully my boss doesn't poop on my desk.

Stay-at-home moms have a tough job. They can't really predict what their job (i.e. the baby) will be like on any given day. And they can't leave their work (i.e. the baby) when they go home. I call Maggie the "little dictator" when she changes MJs plans. For example, the Little Dictator likes to poop on or throw up on MJ right when we are supposed to leave. We like to believe we are in charge of Maggie ... but really she is in charge of us.

Being the "outside the home working parent", I am sure glad my boss doesn't randomly interrupt my day the way Maggie interrupts MJs. Never has my boss thrown up on my desk making me late for a meeting. Never has my boss called me at 2am hungry for a snack. And never has my boss decided to yell at me for 20 minutes straight. So for those things I am thankful.

What does stink about my job (besides month end reports) is the fact I miss out on Maggie time. I only get to see her about 4 hours a day (depending on her napping). I miss out on snuggles, smiles, play time and bonding. Lately she is starting to really prefer MJ to me when she is tired and wants to snuggle. Who can blame her??? MJ is there all the time. I am there some times. I can't explain to a baby that I have to make money so she has a stay-at-home parent.

Luckily MJ rocks at being a stay at home mom and I know Maggie is getting the best care possible. I never worry that my "day care" is drugging my daughter or neglecting her. I never worry that she is left to cry for an hour or is sitting in a poopy diaper for most the day. I am thankful for that.

So I try to focus on the fact that my job is to make it possible for MJ to do her job. And MJs job is to keep me sane so I can do my job. And Maggie's job is to poop on things at the worst moment possible .... so far Maggie is right on track.

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