Monday, January 24, 2011

The giggle that launched 1000 videos

Its official – Maggie laughs at her environment and I now find myself enthralled with her giggle. Maggie first laughed when grandma visited and she would giggle when you tickle her or play certain games with her, but just this week she has started to squeal and giggle at the environment – specifically the dogs. I wish she was laughing at my excellent jokes or my witty songs of diaper changing …. but no …. she laughs when Odie tries to lick her face or Marley sits by her.
I first discovered this when Maggie and I were playing superman – which is where I rock her belly down in my arms while making “swooshing” noises. We have been playing superman since she was super little but now she gets the added sound effects and bigger flying motions (upgrade since she can hold her head up). This weekend I was playing superman and flying her toward Marley when all the sudden she started to giggle. I did it again, and she started to giggle more. Then she was in full squeal every time she got close to his face.
Every week she gets more fun. I love that little girl.

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