Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your Baby Can Read

For Christmas Maggie got the "Your Baby Can Read" kit from her Grandpa & Grandma T. If you haven't heard the infomercial it is a system that teaches babies how to read.... I had seen it before and was curious but not curious enough to shell out the $$$ to get it.... Well to my surprise and delight Grandma and Grandpa were curious enough!

It has a 7 month schedule provided with the materials... We started Month 1 at the beginning of January... Maggie has a DVD she is supposed to watch twice a day, flash cards to use and a book of words.

This program is a challenge... I haven't been able to consistently watch the video twice a day... I have done it at least once a day everyday... but this video is SO BORING!!! It is very repetitive and not in the least bit intellectually stimulating.... BUT I know how to read and I am not its intended audience. I try to remind myself of that fact. It's for Maggie not Me... my little mantra (I have to chant this in my head everyday before I turn the DVD on).

Maggie isn't always that interested in it either... I find myself holding her and doing the keep her facing the TV dance... I thought for sure she would be into it like she is when she watches the baby einstein DVDs but alas... her attention isn't captured by words on a screen... or it isn't for very long. Im pretty sure that is why they want you to have them watch it twice a day... it is twice the opportunity for them to see the words as they glance around. The good news is she seems really intrigued by the flash cards and does pretty good with the book.

I will keep this going, I think the results could be great, but the only way to get them is to keep at it. They say that it takes about 6 months for your baby to grasp the concept of reading, and that once they can read 50 words they go into turbo learning mode.. so I want to see if this holds true, I think if it is true this will be a great jump start for Maggie!

I am going to try to watch the DVD twice a day for the rest of January. Wish me luck!

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