Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maggie's First Christmas

One thing I found true this Christmas... Having a child brings back all the joy of the holiday! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays it always has been, but I did reach a point in my adulthood where the anticipation of the day was lost. Now that Maggie is here that anticipation is back in full force! This year I was all about decorating, listening to Christmas music, baking cookies and starting Christmas traditions for Maggie to enjoy!

I am quite aware that Maggie isn't old enough to remember her first Christmas but I need a couple practice rounds to work out the kinks of our traditions. For instance there is such a thing as baking too many cookies... and communication is the key to Christmas Eve dinner going off with out a hitch!

Here are some pictures and video of Maggie enjoying her first Christmas!

Odie keeping tabs on which presents should be opened next!

Maggie helping Muti (Seana) open her present!

Mommy (Me) getting Maggie ready to open her first present!

Maggie opens her first present from Uncle Jack!

Maggie starts to open a present from Nana and Grampa!

Maggie finishes the job!

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