Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maggie's Milestones in 2010

I found a chart on baby center that shows the milestones:

Here are Maggie's Accomplishments

Month 1: Stares at faces, responds to sounds, vocalizes ooh and ahhs and Smiles (didn't get much tummy time that I know of when at the hospital)

Month 2: Vocalizes gurgles and coos, follows objects across field of vision, notices her hands, holds head up (I don't know if it was at a 45 degree angle or not), smoother movements, lifts head and shoulders when lying on her tummy, and bats at toys.

Month 3: Holds head steady, can bear weight on legs, visually tracks moving objects, now squeals with her gurgles and coos, laughs, coos when talked to, recognizes my voice, face and scent, can bring hands together, grasp toys, turns towards loud noises, rolls from tummy to back and back to tummy, and does mini push ups.

Our little girl is on track I guess! Everyday she does something new and I love it! When we were in the hospital we were told that she is a different baby from the day before and what she may not have been able to do yesterday she may do today... That tidbit rings so true!

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  1. Where in the milestones is "rips up napkins" or "spits up on clean shirt" or "poops as soon as clean diaper is put on"? Cause she does all those too. ;)