Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grown Up Bath

I decided to give Maggie a bath in our tub... I think it went really well, she played with the water and her toys while I got her cleaned up. Here are some photos and a little video clip of her first experience in a real tub.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Crawl... Oh MY!

She did it... she has leaped forward from her army pull and backwards crawling to yup the forward crawl. She has chosen to stick with the classic crawl and she is already good at it.... Mommy and Mutti are in trouble. So jot it down April 26th our baby is officially on the move.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zerberts and Rasberries

Maggie loves to talk in Rasberries... Here is a little video of her talking it up.

She has also decided sharing her pacifier works for her... This I love. From time to time if you are holding her and she has her pacifier she takes it out of her mouth and attempts to put it in your mouth... very cute.. and slobbery.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting to a Sit... DONE.

So Maggie did it! Maggie went to a sit on her own... she is also on the move... no official crawl yet... but the army crawl yes... and the backwards crawl yes... even the all fours sway... yup she is guilty!

So I better get those kitchen cabinets childproofed!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Grandma's Visit

My mom spent her spring break with us! It was a really great visit... normally My mom and I have an expiration date, but this visit went great.. and our time didn't expire! I will admit it was a little shaky at the beginning, but I came to realize it was my attitude that needed to be checked at the door. After I changed my attitude it became a really great visit. We had intended on tackling a big project while she was here.. we wanted to create a path for our dogs lining the fence with edging and filled in with river rock.. but the weather didn't agree.. it decided to rain almost all week. So at my Mom's suggestion we organized our laundry room and put together our Dog shelf a place near our back door to store towels and dog treats. Pictures to come. They both turned out great! I love the new look and how organized it all is... now if only I could accomplish that with our office.

Now I don't want you to think I am one to put my Mom to work... but well I am... but it is needed, my Mom is a busy body and always needs a project or she starts to go stir crazy. Trust me if you don't have a project for her she will create one!

The rest of my Mom's visit was enjoying her granddaughter. And they got a lot of time together! It was nice to have my hands free a bit more than usual and my Mom ate her up!!

I was horrible with our camera during her visit, perhaps because she had her camera out a lot I didn't bother grabbing mine... Here are the pics I got of Maggie with her Grandma, she is helping her pack to leave.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Michigan Baby Shower

We got the honor of throwing my cousin Melanie a baby shower! She is expecting a little girl in June. It was a great visit with family and a great shower!

Maggie got to play with her cousin Mya it was cute watching them interact. I failed to have my camera out but have sent a request to Maggie's grandma to share what she took with her camera!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break-The Indianapolis Zoo

The Indy Zoo is becoming a spring break tradition. We went last year when Audrianna was visiting. We had a really great time but I don't recall if I ever posted pictures from that visit... Here are a few from last year!

Last Years visit to the Zoo- Vanna White-ing the Rhino!

What a zoo crew! This shot is from last year's visit!

This year the zoo was a must... Audrianna let us know when she got here she was hoping to go again... Mostly to see the baboons... Last year they left quite the impression with Audrianna. Lets just say baboon genitals were involved and they didn't disappoint this year with even more genital shenanigans... I will leave the details to your imagination. Now I am sure Audrianna wanted to see more than just the baboons on this visit here are some photos of our zoo adventure this year. Kim and Glenn also hung out with us at the zoo, there was a point where we separated to see different things but all of us had a great time... even though the penguin show was a disappointment for Kim.

Audrianna observing the baboons

Glenn holding up a post

This year's Rhino Pose.

Seana shows Maggie the texture of rock

Maggie giving away a smile

Kim and Glenn in the back ground.. Maggie chatting

Family photo with Desert backdrop! Ahh it makes me miss New Mexico.

Seana looking at snakes...Kim in background

Ahhh Snakes!

Maggie gets a look at one ugly mug~this is a photo of a is displayed as actual size!

Audrianna hunting down a shark to pet!

Shark petting!

Maggie and Seana checking out the Sharks!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring break-IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art)

We were blessed with more visitors for Spring Break- our friends Kim and Glenn came down to visit for the back end of break. While they were here we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

They had a good variety of Art... European, American, Egyptian, Asian, African and Modern. They also had a spotlight exhibit that there was a fee to view... we decided to save a few bucks and peered in on it when passing it by.

We took some photos of a few of our favorites... Please note that you aren't supposed to use a flash in the museum... a little fact I didn't know until after this vase photo.... Seana filled me in on the etiquette after we got this picture... However, the flash and I have a story together which I will share as you look at the pictures.

This vase had a dragon climbing around it... very beautiful and very big!

Here is Maggie with a Van Gogh... I had to do it since she watches Baby Einstien Van Gogh almost daily... As you can see there was a flash... this was accidental I thought I had shut it off... when in fact I had not.

Here is a picture with a piece of art Seana liked, I am not sure if this is Seurat or not but it is painted with his method of Dots... Quite amazing to see... I kept the flash in check this time.

There was a wishing fountain that Seana flipped a coin or two in... I didn't think we were in an "art" section so I turned on the flash to catch this shot.... Ummm yeah... so the fountain area does not allow flash either... I got a talking to for this shot. Not sure why there were no paintings displayed in this area and Im pretty sure the fountain will hold up to a flash.

Of course some Audrianna posing is a must for any museum, Her honest opinion was that the majority of what we saw was... well BORING! But every once in awhile something would catch her eye....

Gotta get some cousin love in here that is right we are sophisticated!

Here is a piece of African Art I liked this was made of wood planks... very modern in comparison to what the exhibit was featuring.

Cute photo of Kim with Maggie, please note I used a flash.. Kim suggested it after the first shot didn't turn out well due to lighting... again we were in an area away from the art... I took the shot and was approached again and talked to about using the flash... at this point I blame Kim!! I am also starting to wonder if they are just following me with their surveillance cameras waiting for me to use my flash... hmmm.

Lunch Break Candids!!

Audrianna liked the HUGE Georgia O'Keefe so I got a shot of her with that.... to end our picture session.

We also explored their Modern Art level... as soon as we touched foot in this area... I was approached again... I haven't even used the flash!!! Sheesh people... I took one photo... which was not worth showing... turns out no pictures are allowed of the modern art. This sucks by the way because it is always the most fun to look at! They had some really cool stuff... and some not so cool string... it is amazing what they can call art sometimes!

The highlight of the modern art section was umm well not so much a highlight as a topic of conversation... this guy puts copies of famous sculptings in bodily fluid and takes a photo... the one we saw was what looked like David's head in urine.... yep pee. At first glance you are like a yellow photo of david... but the description tells the whole story.. and even stated he does this with blood and semen as well... umm gross. We all agreed this was more crazy than art and were kind of surprised it was seen as art. For those museum goers that don't read the description probably never realize they are admiring someone's piss poor shot of art... Ha haa see what I did there... give it a minute.

Spring Break kick off-The Indianapolis Children's Museum

Every spring break we get one of our favorite visitors... My cousin Audrianna! This year Audrianna is 13 and quickly became a favorite of Maggie's as well!

Last year when Audrianna visited we didn't accomplish much, I was pregnant and enjoying being a bit of a couch potato. We actually accomplished one outing the zoo... So this year I wanted to explore what our new city had to offer a bit more. Audrianna's visit was the perfect excuse!

So we kicked off her week in Indy by going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum... our visit to the Children's museum was also how I celebrated the big 3-2! Yep I am a year older now.

The Children's Museum was a lot of fun especially with the company of Audrianna and my brother Jack!

We all had a favorite...And I feel I have caught most of them below.

What I didn't photograph was the Anne Frank and Ruth Bridges exhibit which Audrianna really loved. She has been learning about Anne Frank at school and actually has had a thing for WWII for over a year now (her last spring break she watched a few WWII Documentaries at our place). She really enjoyed walking through history and seeing the Ruth Bridges exhibit was a look at black history something she could personally relate to. I am proud to say that when we went to the gift shop she bought 2 books instead of just some crappy souvenir one about black history and one about Anne Frank.

My favorite part of the museum was the Chihuly exhibit. I am a huge fan of Chihuly so this is a no brainer.... They made a glass blown tower... the base of it the ceiling of a lower floor... Ummm loved it.

Seana and Audrianna goofing off in the costume exhibit... Maggie was a fan...

And here was Seana's museum highlight... The Terminator Jacket. For those of you who don't know Seana History... well in her pre-teen to teen years she had a slight obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maggie seemed to have fun exploring all the exhibits but this is a great moment we caught of her seeing her first dinosaur statue!

Audrianna and I explored our own creativity in the dinosaur exhibit activity... Umm I love arts and crafts and probably would have lingered here a lot longer if we had more time.

Maggie and Seana getting up close and personal to a nile crocodile! Don't worry as you can see it is just a model.

My brother's favorite part of the musuem was this 3 story water clock the water filled to the designated time as time passed. It was actually very cool!

The last thing to see was Bumble Bee from Transformers... ummm lifesize! He is so candid with the camera!