Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Break kick off-The Indianapolis Children's Museum

Every spring break we get one of our favorite visitors... My cousin Audrianna! This year Audrianna is 13 and quickly became a favorite of Maggie's as well!

Last year when Audrianna visited we didn't accomplish much, I was pregnant and enjoying being a bit of a couch potato. We actually accomplished one outing the zoo... So this year I wanted to explore what our new city had to offer a bit more. Audrianna's visit was the perfect excuse!

So we kicked off her week in Indy by going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum... our visit to the Children's museum was also how I celebrated the big 3-2! Yep I am a year older now.

The Children's Museum was a lot of fun especially with the company of Audrianna and my brother Jack!

We all had a favorite...And I feel I have caught most of them below.

What I didn't photograph was the Anne Frank and Ruth Bridges exhibit which Audrianna really loved. She has been learning about Anne Frank at school and actually has had a thing for WWII for over a year now (her last spring break she watched a few WWII Documentaries at our place). She really enjoyed walking through history and seeing the Ruth Bridges exhibit was a look at black history something she could personally relate to. I am proud to say that when we went to the gift shop she bought 2 books instead of just some crappy souvenir one about black history and one about Anne Frank.

My favorite part of the museum was the Chihuly exhibit. I am a huge fan of Chihuly so this is a no brainer.... They made a glass blown tower... the base of it the ceiling of a lower floor... Ummm loved it.

Seana and Audrianna goofing off in the costume exhibit... Maggie was a fan...

And here was Seana's museum highlight... The Terminator Jacket. For those of you who don't know Seana History... well in her pre-teen to teen years she had a slight obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Maggie seemed to have fun exploring all the exhibits but this is a great moment we caught of her seeing her first dinosaur statue!

Audrianna and I explored our own creativity in the dinosaur exhibit activity... Umm I love arts and crafts and probably would have lingered here a lot longer if we had more time.

Maggie and Seana getting up close and personal to a nile crocodile! Don't worry as you can see it is just a model.

My brother's favorite part of the musuem was this 3 story water clock the water filled to the designated time as time passed. It was actually very cool!

The last thing to see was Bumble Bee from Transformers... ummm lifesize! He is so candid with the camera!

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