Saturday, June 30, 2012


Maggie's preschool playgroup does "field trips" from time to time and the first field trip we decided to take part of is a trip to Quassy Amusement & Water Park!  It is geared for kids... and we had our fingers crossed that it was also geared for small kiddos.   Well I am happy to report that there actually were rides just for their size!

Plus they had this huge Dora cut out to pose with!  Here is Dorian and Maggie hanging out with their pals Dora and Boots... Swiper too!

 They had a cute little train ride that we enjoyed!
 A Carousel!  This is Dorian's first Carousel ride!
 Maggie and I waiting for the Carousel to start!
 We found the tot rides.. and did a boat ride and a mini coaster (which by the way was way to bumpy in a bad way! I am just glad I rode with Maggie because some of the ups had enough force to lift you off your seat!!) Afterwards we had a snack break~ Cheetos all around!!
 We then found a car ride, that essentially was like a carousel it just had cars that had honk-able horns... Yay!  We also rode a helicopter ride that was similar to this but it went up and down in the air... which was pretty fun.... All these rides however were tight fits for Mommies!
 Ayana like me is a fan of coasters and thrill rides.. and we were told that a lot of adult rides allow toddlers with the accompaniment of an adult.  So we decided to test the waters with one of those Viking Boat Swing rides.  This is turns out was a mistake... Maggie's whole body would go rigid at the top of the swing and then she would loosen up near the bottom... Dorian screamed and tried to crawl as far under Ayana's arm as he could get.  FAIL. Is an understatement... luckily the ride was only a couple minutes and they both snapped into their wonderful tot selves as soon as we exited the ride... We both decided that was the worst idea ever and decided not to chance any other adult rides with tots in tow. We took a lunch break, and then headed over to the waterpark!  Maggie made a splash!
 Dorian was not a fan! So we lasted maybe ten minutes.. that is a big maybe!
 And this is why... nap time!

Could it be a pisces?!

Well I have been inseminated (insemination occured around 10 AM on June 27th)!  If it takes we will have a little pisces on our hands!!  We are both excited and freaked out!  Two kids whoa!  I have to mention that this time around with Maggie in tow makes for interesting planning!!  Thus far has started crying in the exam room at every appointment we have attempted to take her to, so Seana hasn't been able to be with me for every appointment like she did when we were trying for Maggie.  Luckily I have been blessed with meeting some great people in Connecticut!  One of which is Natasha who happily agreed to take Maggie during our insemination appointment.  At this time I would ask that you do not assume that things went as planned... See I of course was running late when I left so I took Maggie to the Dr's office with me to sign off on the Okay to Thaw the sperm form... at which point Maggie peed thru her diaper on the car ride over... so I then had to carry her in to the Dr's office wet and getting me wet with pee!!  I opted to pretend everything was fine we were all dry... got the paperwork signed and off we went to Natasha's as I had 30 minutes until insemination time!  So we got to Natasha's and since I failed to pack a change of clothes for Maggie she got to borrow a pair of Miles' shorts!  That look super cute... (crap I need to return those!!)  I then rushed off still damp myself to the dr's office... so glad urine is sterile.

Insemination went great it was painless and Seana got to push the plunger!!  After I laid there for 10 minutes we were free to go... so I rushed home to change before catching up with the my daughter and the gang at the preschool playgroup!  WHAT A MORNING!!

So my upcoming appointments are:

July 5th- blood draw for progesterone levels
July 11th-blood draw for pregnancy test

They said if I wanted to I could take a pregnancy test using a pee stick at home if I couldn't wait... but I am thinking this time I can hold out for the blood draw it is right around the corner... this is my cheap side speaking, I have already paid for the blood draw I don't need to spend more money on a pee stick.

So here's to having a pisces!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Walt Disney World and Florida Trip!!!

Let me just start by saying that if you want to feel how adding a child alters the experience of a location the Magic Kingdom is THE place to go! I can not tell you how many times Seana and I toed the line of crying from just happiness while there with Maggie.  

I hadn't anticipated taking Maggie to Disney World before she was 2 but Seana had a women's business conference in Orlando which meant Maggie and I could go along to Orlando just by buying a plane ticket for me.  I have to say I am very blessed to have one of my very best friends living in Orlando so that just sweetened the deal!  So we found a ticket for just under $250 and headed out!  We got in on Saturday afternoon and got our car and headed to Desiree and Bo's! 

I have to say seeing Desiree was exactly what my heart needed, I almost cried at the sight of her!  She is just such a positive energy in my life and actually being with her made my cup run over!  It was THE best way to kick off our mini vacation!

On Sunday we took it easy during the day and opted to go to the Magic Kingdom after her nap which for Maggie is around 5pm.  I know you are thinking that is a lot of money to spend for only a few hours.  I should probably mention at this point that Desiree comes with perks; she works for Disney and can walk in 3 guests with her so going to Disney at this time in our life is free thanks to one of my besties!  So off we went!

Here are Desiree, Maggie and I at the Polynesian Resort!
A great family photo of us at the Poly as well!
Desiree and her boyfriend Bo riding to the Magic Kingdom!
Seana and Maggie on main street of the Magic Kingdom... tears tears tears!
In front of the Castle!!
and again!
and again!
One more time!!!
For Maggie's first ride we decided to go to Philharmagic (which is one of Desiree's favorites) it isn't really a ride it is a 3D short show. It turns out this is not the best ride for Maggie at 21 months!  She cried a little and refused to wear the 3D glasses but she survived!
We then found some more age appropriate rides and discovered our camera had a low battery... humph...rides like Small World, Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan GREAT for 21 month old Maggie!! 
You can't go to the Magic Kingdom without seeing the electric parade and the castle show and fireworks!  
On a side note this was Father's day so in honor of this special day Maggie's positive male influence for the day was Bo!  Look at what a good substitute Daddy he makes it is good practice for his future maybe!
A group shot after the fireworks there is supposed to be a castle behind us but it doesn't show up in the dark go figure!

On Monday we took it easy during the day; hung out with Desiree and Seana worked from "home" then that evening we went to Epcot!
Not only did we pose and get a photo in front of the big ball we did the ride inside which was pretty cool actually and a good starter for Maggie!  
 We also did the Finding Nemo ride also age appropriate!
Us hanging in a clamshell!
Desiree & Bo hanging in a clamshell! 
 After this ride we headed to The Lands for dinner and then to see the fireworks at the Epcot World.

On Tuesday Morning, Seana went to work at the hotel, and Maggie, Desiree and I made a quick trip to Animal Kingdom to play at the Dino Dig Site.

Here she is playing on the slide!
After a bit of playtime we opted to try out a ride before escaping the heat.

How about going around and up and down in a triceratops!

Here we are waiting in line! 
 On Tuesday night we were supposed to go to Tampa and meet up with some friends but Seana's work had other plans as did her driving on my command.  We left late and then Seana got pulled over... she only got a warning but with that we weren't going to have dinner until super late!

So we ended up meeting up with her co-workers (late of course) eating dinner with them at a place in Downtown Disney.  After dinner we wandered over to the Lego store and admired these awesome Lego "Sculptures"
Woody and Buzz...To Infinity and Beyond!!
Snow White and Dopey! 
Prince fighting the "dragon" in Sleeping Beauty! Unfortunately we cut off the princes head oops!
Maggie and I posing infront of the above sculpture... not my best moment but Maggie was right on cue! 
So Wednesday and Thursday were much more hotelcentric... We stayed at the Hilton Orlando and decided on Wednesday to check out the pool and Lazy River!
The pool has 0 entry here is a photo of Maggie enjoying the pool! 
Boldly going a bit deeper! 
 Hanging with Mommy in the lazy river! (I love this photo!)
Wednesday night we were supposed to go to Dinner with an old friend from Las Cruces, NM who happened to also be in town but as life would have it ... the weather had a different idea and she got stuck at Universal so we ended up having dinner at the hotel.

On Thursday the forcast for the day was also rainy so we took the opportunity in the morning when it was not raining and ventured once more to the pool!

Maggie being cute! 
 Maggie looking all grown up!
Thursday night we went to dinner with Seana's coworkers at the top of the Contemporary resort!  We got to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks from a distant on the rooftop and then had a great dinner!  It was a perfect wrap up for our trip!

Friday morning we had coffee with Desiree to say our Goodbyes and return her friend's pack and play they loaned us and then we were off to the airport and back home in no time!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"You're My Baby Kicking"

Being the youngest ... I have never really been around toddlers. I always enjoyed my best friend's kids and I still recall her son at 5 years old explaining to me how God makes boys and girls out of clay. (Spoiler - according to her son if God has extra clay He makes you a boy. If he has "just enough" He makes you a girl). Point being I had no idea how fun toddlers can be. Maggie is an absolute joy and I could not possibly love her any more than I do. What I love right now is she and I have developed random things we do together. I am not sure how they came to be, but I know it is fleeting and I wanted to capture some of the games we play. One day while changing Maggie she was repeating just parts of the things I say to her a lot. Many times when I change her I tell her she is my baby and I love her. And she says to me "ba bee". And I repeated "yes you are my baby". She smiled and then she says "peek a boo". Which I repeated. She started just running through words and sayings and I would repeat them. She said "ba bee" again to which I said "You're my baby". Then she said "kickin" while kicking her legs to which I replyed "You are my baby kicking". Some how this stuck and for the next few weeks she would smile and say "ba bee" wait for me to reply "You're my baby" and then say "kickin" for me to say "You're my baby kicking". This makes her laugh and giggle. I love these small games and I wish I could freeze them and relive them.

Maggie Speak

I just love how Maggie talks one she has the cutest little voice and two the way she pronounces things are priceless! She has this way of annunciating her syllables.... for instance :
Tuh(pause)Tul = turtle

Here are some of her word pronunciations.
Hungry = Hung E
Tiger = Why yuh
Lion = Wine Yon
Catapillar = Cata wiggoh wiggoh
Dora = Door E
Mickey Mouse = Mickey Mouse
Elephant = Ela la iggle

Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Fast Track

Well we had our consult on Monday and discussed our plan of action. This clinic does things a bit differently than the one in Colorado, they do a baseline when you get your period, and then they do the same as Colorado with all the ultrasounds that lead up to the insemination. A week after the insemination occurs this clinic checks progesterone levels and then they bring you in for the pregnancy test and work up. So a bit more poking and prodding this time around! Dr. Levi says they like to gather data as they go so that we can adjust our plan if we want if this try or several tries do not work. We both seemed to like that idea, and moved on to looking at the calendar for trying this month. Of course it is summer and summer in our world always includes travel!! With the more involved process this is a higher chance that we can't try certain months... So June we have a trip to Orlando, FL and then July we have a trip to see my family in New Mexico. You wouldn't think that one trip a month would affect much but... this is where we are at. June 11th-consult June 13th-started period June 15th-day 3 (can be done 2,3 or 4) baseline June 16th-Leave for FL June 22nd-June 27th-Most fertile days according to my ovulation tracker June 22nd-Return from FL but clinic closes at noon and then it is closed for the weekend June 25th-Appt for follicle check to verify timing of insemination June 25th to July 1st- Insemination depending on timing, that is IF checking on the 25th was too late (when we were trying for Maggie we discovered that my follicle bloom later than usually calculated so we are crossing our fingers this holds true). July 1st-July 7th-Dependent on insemination I would go in for progesterone level check up. July 11th- Around when I should start my period if the insemination doesn't take/around when I can take a pregnancy test and will need a work up done from the clinic July 13th-Leave for NM July 24th-Return from NM July 22nd-July 27th-Most fertile days according to my ovulation tracker (this is based on a 28 day cycle now my cycle is not that precise so this is probably off) This is as far as I have pondered out the calendar... my way of hoping the first time works because I am not sure with our extended NM trip we will be able to do a July insemination. As you can see we are already well into the schedule and it happened just like that... hence the titling of this blog as "fast track" one minute we are getting our consult and what feels like the next minute I have already had blood drawn and a baseline ultrasound done.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Ov You

Maggie has become quite the repeater, almost everything we say she copies the last word or two of the sentence. There are a couple exceptions one being love you. We have attempted to get her to say it but all we get is silent breathing. That is until yesterday, Seana was hugging her and said love you and she responded with "Ov You" unfortunately I missed it!!! So later last night I was putting her down for bed and I hugged and told her "night night I love you" and she said it! "Ov You" It of course melts my heart! But I also am very aware that she doesn't quite grasp what that means and I know that the day she does I may just cry. I am still amazed at how much I love our little lovebug.