Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"You're My Baby Kicking"

Being the youngest ... I have never really been around toddlers. I always enjoyed my best friend's kids and I still recall her son at 5 years old explaining to me how God makes boys and girls out of clay. (Spoiler - according to her son if God has extra clay He makes you a boy. If he has "just enough" He makes you a girl). Point being I had no idea how fun toddlers can be. Maggie is an absolute joy and I could not possibly love her any more than I do. What I love right now is she and I have developed random things we do together. I am not sure how they came to be, but I know it is fleeting and I wanted to capture some of the games we play. One day while changing Maggie she was repeating just parts of the things I say to her a lot. Many times when I change her I tell her she is my baby and I love her. And she says to me "ba bee". And I repeated "yes you are my baby". She smiled and then she says "peek a boo". Which I repeated. She started just running through words and sayings and I would repeat them. She said "ba bee" again to which I said "You're my baby". Then she said "kickin" while kicking her legs to which I replyed "You are my baby kicking". Some how this stuck and for the next few weeks she would smile and say "ba bee" wait for me to reply "You're my baby" and then say "kickin" for me to say "You're my baby kicking". This makes her laugh and giggle. I love these small games and I wish I could freeze them and relive them.

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