Friday, June 15, 2012

On the Fast Track

Well we had our consult on Monday and discussed our plan of action. This clinic does things a bit differently than the one in Colorado, they do a baseline when you get your period, and then they do the same as Colorado with all the ultrasounds that lead up to the insemination. A week after the insemination occurs this clinic checks progesterone levels and then they bring you in for the pregnancy test and work up. So a bit more poking and prodding this time around! Dr. Levi says they like to gather data as they go so that we can adjust our plan if we want if this try or several tries do not work. We both seemed to like that idea, and moved on to looking at the calendar for trying this month. Of course it is summer and summer in our world always includes travel!! With the more involved process this is a higher chance that we can't try certain months... So June we have a trip to Orlando, FL and then July we have a trip to see my family in New Mexico. You wouldn't think that one trip a month would affect much but... this is where we are at. June 11th-consult June 13th-started period June 15th-day 3 (can be done 2,3 or 4) baseline June 16th-Leave for FL June 22nd-June 27th-Most fertile days according to my ovulation tracker June 22nd-Return from FL but clinic closes at noon and then it is closed for the weekend June 25th-Appt for follicle check to verify timing of insemination June 25th to July 1st- Insemination depending on timing, that is IF checking on the 25th was too late (when we were trying for Maggie we discovered that my follicle bloom later than usually calculated so we are crossing our fingers this holds true). July 1st-July 7th-Dependent on insemination I would go in for progesterone level check up. July 11th- Around when I should start my period if the insemination doesn't take/around when I can take a pregnancy test and will need a work up done from the clinic July 13th-Leave for NM July 24th-Return from NM July 22nd-July 27th-Most fertile days according to my ovulation tracker (this is based on a 28 day cycle now my cycle is not that precise so this is probably off) This is as far as I have pondered out the calendar... my way of hoping the first time works because I am not sure with our extended NM trip we will be able to do a July insemination. As you can see we are already well into the schedule and it happened just like that... hence the titling of this blog as "fast track" one minute we are getting our consult and what feels like the next minute I have already had blood drawn and a baseline ultrasound done.

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