Saturday, June 30, 2012


Maggie's preschool playgroup does "field trips" from time to time and the first field trip we decided to take part of is a trip to Quassy Amusement & Water Park!  It is geared for kids... and we had our fingers crossed that it was also geared for small kiddos.   Well I am happy to report that there actually were rides just for their size!

Plus they had this huge Dora cut out to pose with!  Here is Dorian and Maggie hanging out with their pals Dora and Boots... Swiper too!

 They had a cute little train ride that we enjoyed!
 A Carousel!  This is Dorian's first Carousel ride!
 Maggie and I waiting for the Carousel to start!
 We found the tot rides.. and did a boat ride and a mini coaster (which by the way was way to bumpy in a bad way! I am just glad I rode with Maggie because some of the ups had enough force to lift you off your seat!!) Afterwards we had a snack break~ Cheetos all around!!
 We then found a car ride, that essentially was like a carousel it just had cars that had honk-able horns... Yay!  We also rode a helicopter ride that was similar to this but it went up and down in the air... which was pretty fun.... All these rides however were tight fits for Mommies!
 Ayana like me is a fan of coasters and thrill rides.. and we were told that a lot of adult rides allow toddlers with the accompaniment of an adult.  So we decided to test the waters with one of those Viking Boat Swing rides.  This is turns out was a mistake... Maggie's whole body would go rigid at the top of the swing and then she would loosen up near the bottom... Dorian screamed and tried to crawl as far under Ayana's arm as he could get.  FAIL. Is an understatement... luckily the ride was only a couple minutes and they both snapped into their wonderful tot selves as soon as we exited the ride... We both decided that was the worst idea ever and decided not to chance any other adult rides with tots in tow. We took a lunch break, and then headed over to the waterpark!  Maggie made a splash!
 Dorian was not a fan! So we lasted maybe ten minutes.. that is a big maybe!
 And this is why... nap time!

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