Saturday, June 30, 2012

Could it be a pisces?!

Well I have been inseminated (insemination occured around 10 AM on June 27th)!  If it takes we will have a little pisces on our hands!!  We are both excited and freaked out!  Two kids whoa!  I have to mention that this time around with Maggie in tow makes for interesting planning!!  Thus far has started crying in the exam room at every appointment we have attempted to take her to, so Seana hasn't been able to be with me for every appointment like she did when we were trying for Maggie.  Luckily I have been blessed with meeting some great people in Connecticut!  One of which is Natasha who happily agreed to take Maggie during our insemination appointment.  At this time I would ask that you do not assume that things went as planned... See I of course was running late when I left so I took Maggie to the Dr's office with me to sign off on the Okay to Thaw the sperm form... at which point Maggie peed thru her diaper on the car ride over... so I then had to carry her in to the Dr's office wet and getting me wet with pee!!  I opted to pretend everything was fine we were all dry... got the paperwork signed and off we went to Natasha's as I had 30 minutes until insemination time!  So we got to Natasha's and since I failed to pack a change of clothes for Maggie she got to borrow a pair of Miles' shorts!  That look super cute... (crap I need to return those!!)  I then rushed off still damp myself to the dr's office... so glad urine is sterile.

Insemination went great it was painless and Seana got to push the plunger!!  After I laid there for 10 minutes we were free to go... so I rushed home to change before catching up with the my daughter and the gang at the preschool playgroup!  WHAT A MORNING!!

So my upcoming appointments are:

July 5th- blood draw for progesterone levels
July 11th-blood draw for pregnancy test

They said if I wanted to I could take a pregnancy test using a pee stick at home if I couldn't wait... but I am thinking this time I can hold out for the blood draw it is right around the corner... this is my cheap side speaking, I have already paid for the blood draw I don't need to spend more money on a pee stick.

So here's to having a pisces!!! FINGERS CROSSED!!

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