Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Beach! Bethany Beach, DE!

We ended July with a week in Delaware enjoying Bethany Beach and time with Seana's Sister and her husband's extended family.  It was a perfect week for the beach.  Not too hot and there was no rain while we were there!  It was a relaxing visit, Seana had to work two of the days but even she was able to get in some relaxation!  

Patrick's family has all the kinks worked out, they alternate who hosts dinner each night so that the work and relaxation is spread out evenly... during the day they all do their own thing which most commonly is gathering at the beach but they also go out on the boat and hang out in town.  At night they congregate at whomever's house is scheduled to host.   They were all so hospitable!  We felt like we fit right in to their plans even if our plan was hijacked by our wee ones and had to leave early or became a no show for one reason or another!

The only downside to this trip was the drive... our 5.5 hour drive became 10 hours (each way) thanks to traffic and Sebastian who spent a lot of time crying... so we had to pull over a lot to calm him down and "reset" him as Seana calls it.  If we do this trip next year I think we should attempt a late night drive or very early morning drive to cover most of the distance during sleeping time and when there isn't as much traffic!!!

Here are a bunch of photos!    

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Captian's Sayings

So Maggie says some pretty cute stuff. And I am sure I will forget most of it as time speeds on. So I thought I would jot a few here.

Current Nicknames in order of use
1. Love Bug. I call her this the most. So much so she tells me I am her Love Bug
2. Pooh Bear. Been with her since she was born and I still use it.
3. Captain. This has come and gone as a nickname and is now back in fashion. Especially when she is acting in charge.
4. Snuggles. Usually I call her this when she is being extra cute. Also I will add Captain to it making it "Captain Snuggles"

Sayings I love
1. You're my favorite daughter" Maggie's follow up after she tells me she loves me.
2. "No thank you". Maggie's way of saying no to something you want her to do. For example. Me - "Maggie lets put on your pants" Maggie - "No thank you".
3. "I pooped too." Maggie's answer to my question "Did you poop?"
4. "I need to smile again". This phrase is said when she gets upset and starts to cry.
5. "A Girl baby". Maggie's response to "What kind of baby is Sebastian?"
6. "He has a tail". Maggie's response to seeing Sebastian without a diaper.
7. "Need to go to the beach." Spoken at least once a day and during the winter.

I can't wait until Sebastian starts with his own phrases.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 Month Update: Sebastian


Well you are spending more and more time awake.  You usually wake up happy. Stay awake for a 2-3 hours then nap for an hour or so then are awake for a couple more hours then nap again... During your awake time you are super curious and playful.

One thing is for sure you are a velcro baby, you want to be held always!


Exclusively breast fed!  The pediatrician inquired about when we are going to start you on solids.  We plan on doing that some time in your 5th or 6th month.


You are spending more time awake but still nap quite a bit, and prefer being held for naps.

Night: You are sticking with your pattern usually around 2/3 AM and the again around 6/7 AM so you have extended the amount you are sleeping, 

Day: You typically nap most of the morning starting at like 9/10 am, are awake during Maggie's nap and then go down for an afternoon nap around 3/4 pm you are usually awake again around 6ish and then go down for the night around 8/9 pm... You have started to get a little fussy a little after 7 until I get you down... not always but more often then not.


You can roll over from back to tummy and tummy to back, you can even spin around when you are on the floor.  You also are cooing up a storm.... all kinds of talking!


You like to smile at your big sister, the dogs and Mommy and Muti!  We get you to laugh by making "shushing" sounds aggressively while bouncing you... Muti can get you to laugh by tickling you in a certain spot on your side towards your back right along your rib cage.  Maggie makes you laugh by blowing raspberries right in your face.


You have been playing with a stuffed airplane, an activity cube which has different moving parts on each side, you have started enjoying your rainforest play mat and your sister's crib "tv".


You are wearing 3-6 month and the onesies are getting too small, you can still fit in the pants just fine, you are skinny and tall like your sister.  I pulled out some 6-9 months and you fit in some of them perfectly already!


Your hair is really starting to grow in.. but it is more blonde than strawberry blonde.


They are BLUE!!


Birth: 7 lbs 15.512 oz; 21" long
1 Week: 8 lbs 7 oz (54th percentile); 22" long (99th percentile); 14" head circumference (68th percentile)
2 Week: 8 lbs 12.5 oz (55th percentile); 21.25" long*(81st percentile); 14.61" head circumference (84th percentile)
1 Month: 10 lbs 8 oz (69th percentile); 22.75 " long (97th percentile); 15.35" head circumference (96th percentile)
2 Month: 12 lbs 2 oz (38th percentile); 24" long (82nd percentile); 15.75 head circumference (70th percentile)
4 Month: 14 lbs 2 oz (21st percentile); 26" long (83rd percentile); 16.61" head circumference (66th percentile)

* You didn't shrink you were incorrectly measured at your previous appt.