Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Beach! Bethany Beach, DE!

We ended July with a week in Delaware enjoying Bethany Beach and time with Seana's Sister and her husband's extended family.  It was a perfect week for the beach.  Not too hot and there was no rain while we were there!  It was a relaxing visit, Seana had to work two of the days but even she was able to get in some relaxation!  

Patrick's family has all the kinks worked out, they alternate who hosts dinner each night so that the work and relaxation is spread out evenly... during the day they all do their own thing which most commonly is gathering at the beach but they also go out on the boat and hang out in town.  At night they congregate at whomever's house is scheduled to host.   They were all so hospitable!  We felt like we fit right in to their plans even if our plan was hijacked by our wee ones and had to leave early or became a no show for one reason or another!

The only downside to this trip was the drive... our 5.5 hour drive became 10 hours (each way) thanks to traffic and Sebastian who spent a lot of time crying... so we had to pull over a lot to calm him down and "reset" him as Seana calls it.  If we do this trip next year I think we should attempt a late night drive or very early morning drive to cover most of the distance during sleeping time and when there isn't as much traffic!!!

Here are a bunch of photos!    

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