Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NYC Anniversary!

For our Anniversary I decided to surprise Seana with a trip into the city to see Wicked on Broadway!  The plan was to go in use our comp at the Waldorf, go to dinner at Butter (Executive Chef Alex Guarnaschelli) and then go to Broadway.  I had a nanny all set up to meet us at the hotel.

So we go to our hotel and check in... and the room was OH MY GOSH incredible!!! Here are some pics!

The dressing room

 The master bedroom
 One of the views...
Another of the views (and there were more!)

 The living room
 The second bedroom
 The second bathroom off the second bedroom
 Second bathroom...Apparently I failed to take a picture of the 1st bathroom... and the Bar... but Wow!!

The room goes for $3000.00 a night so it is no wonder it is so huge... we felt bad we didn't bring friends to enjoy it with us... we didn't even use the 2nd bedroom or bathroom!

While exploring Selfies happened... Seana and Sebastian!!!

 So we had a hiccup with the evening.. the nanny was late... as in I finally got ahold of her and she thought we weren't going since she hadn't heard from me before the day of... mind you the day of I texted and called her before we left to get on the train... but we opted to let it go she got there at 6 instead of 5... so I cancelled our dinner reservations and we went to chipotle on the corner with the kids instead... then we she showed up and got the run through we lef to go to our play!!

It was fantastic!!!! I will have to figure out how to put our mobile pics on here... if it wasn't 170ish a ticket I would see it more than once!!!

We strolled back to our hotel, I had ice cream near Times Square and enjoyed each other's company.

We all ended up sleeping in the king sized bed... so it wasn't the most romantic of nights but a great night just the same!

The next morning we got to have their complimentary breakfast on the 16th floor (I think anyway) it was great.  Juice, lochs and bagels, fruit, cereal... cute little honey and jams in jars.  It was a glimpse into how the "more well off" lived on vacation.  I want it... but who wouldn't!

A great trip all around....

Watching morning cartoons in style!

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