Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hunt for Dr. Right

We have delayed with the doctor hunt thus far but that time is now over due.

Since we used a fertility clinic the doctor there handled the first visit and agreed to be our doctor thru the move should something arise. She made sure I was given the full panel of prenatal blood tests and whatever else the doctor who would be taking over would normally have done. She also urged us to find a doctor ASAP in Indiana, so my next appointment can be as soon as we are out there.

At first I shuddered at this ominous task, how was I going to get a good doctor in a state I don't even live in.... The answer came to me quite easily and I felt better just thinking it. Wonderful Mindy that is how!! Seana thankfully already has a couple very good friends in Indiana, who are awesome... and run their own preschool.... which can offer a wealth of referral knowledge!

Mindy was able to provide us with 4 references, one being the doctor she had. Now I had something to work with at least!

So I am pretty amiable, my only real requirement for a doctor besides competance... is I want a woman. I know that there are plenty of great Ob-Gyn male doctor's out there that are raved about as the best thing ever to happen to the medical study of the vagina and all the other lady parts! I just don't want him studying mine... I even met with a couple and was examined by a couple at our fertility clinic, and you know it wasn't that bad they were very knowledgable and it didn't bother me nearly as bad as I thought it would during the exam because they were both very professional about the entire thing....


All I can think about is, what possibly motivated a man to go into the field of gynecology in the first place... and all I can imagine in HUGE "Vegasesque Billboard Lights" flashing... "PERV!" I really don't think he was motivated by the need to help women by fighting the diseases and issues women have, he was probably thinking... and excuse the language.... "what career let's me look at pussy all day?.... Gynecology??!!! Sweet sign me up"

All that to say.... I took Mindy's list and divided it in half by looking them up on the internet to see if they were....a male or female... Two made the cut. I looked up the group's that these doctor's worked for on the internet, and found that Mindy's doctor was no longer with the group and so I would have to search for new contact information.... Out of laziness this made my decision quite easy. So I called the Dr's office and our new patient appt is all set for March 4th!!

I provided written permission for all of my medical history with the fertility clinic to be released to her office, and have confirmed today that this has been sent... So now all we have to do is go to the appointment!

We are hoping the "new patient" status will allot us another ultrasound!!

It's all a little hairy

So, when we travel and don't check our bags or think to pack a razor, some time goes by where say one won't have the opportunity to shave... Or fine, I have been lazy and haven't gone to the gym in about 3 weeks so haven't shaved....whatever the reason may be with no judgement... The lack of shaving has brought on a few new residents errr or something.

Let me back up and explain that I lucked out in the fact that my arm and leg hair is fine and blonde, so I can get away with not shaving a little longer than most... this is a blessing I take for granted I admit it... My recent adaptation to not shave my legs to help conserve hot water in the morning...or for whatever reason (maybe one of those in the previous paragraph) has shown that being pregnant can even alter your hair... I have 5-6 random dark hairs that are crazy long taking up residence on my legs...it's like radioactive growth... I blame the prenatal vitamins or something its strange!

Needless to say, I keep telling myself I will shave tomorrow because these little guys have got to be stopped! Consider this fair warning that if you don't keep up with your grooming regimands you may have some startling discoveries!

I need a hobby to bore the baby with.

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my family in California. It was great because I also got to see my nephews play basketball and my broth-in-law coach the team. As I was sitting there missing the days I played basketball, I thought "What am I going to teach my kids?". I mean math is fun and all but I am pretty sure my kids will want to play games and sports. Made me think about my own fitness and activeness level. Also reminded me that I don't have a hobby (besides packing and moving.)

I want to be able to play with my kids and ride bikes and show them how to play sports. I know I will be super busy over the next three years with getting my MBA and working full time, but I should still have some time for hiking with the bean. (Although there really isn't any hiking in Indiana).

Just watching my nephews really hit home the fact that when our miracle is born, my life focus will change. And I want to live a positive life example for my little one.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

But the Bean wanted an HD camcorder!!

Is it too soon to use the baby as an excuse to buy a camcorder and some cute baby furniture that I saw on sale??

We are in the midst of packing to head to our new state and home and all I want to do is buy more things to pack ... mostly because they are on sale and I don't really feel like packing. Been doing a little baby furniture surfing and have seen many baby dressers for like $800 bucks. And I think to myself "Wow that is a lot to house some tiny tee shirts" It's not like the bean will complain if the crib and dresser don't match.

Know what I want? I want the ultimate all-in-one baby device. A pram that converts to a crib that houses clothes and pops up a changing table when needed and has a built in microwave for heating formula. Then all I would need is one item. I think to cut costs I am just going to cut some old blankets with head holes. Who says a baby can't wear a moo moo? Then I would have more funds for the awesome HD camcorder that I need to record hours of video that only MJ and I will want to watch.

Well for now I will just try to wait as long as possible before succumbing to baby buying mania.