Thursday, February 4, 2010

But the Bean wanted an HD camcorder!!

Is it too soon to use the baby as an excuse to buy a camcorder and some cute baby furniture that I saw on sale??

We are in the midst of packing to head to our new state and home and all I want to do is buy more things to pack ... mostly because they are on sale and I don't really feel like packing. Been doing a little baby furniture surfing and have seen many baby dressers for like $800 bucks. And I think to myself "Wow that is a lot to house some tiny tee shirts" It's not like the bean will complain if the crib and dresser don't match.

Know what I want? I want the ultimate all-in-one baby device. A pram that converts to a crib that houses clothes and pops up a changing table when needed and has a built in microwave for heating formula. Then all I would need is one item. I think to cut costs I am just going to cut some old blankets with head holes. Who says a baby can't wear a moo moo? Then I would have more funds for the awesome HD camcorder that I need to record hours of video that only MJ and I will want to watch.

Well for now I will just try to wait as long as possible before succumbing to baby buying mania.

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