Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's all a little hairy

So, when we travel and don't check our bags or think to pack a razor, some time goes by where say one won't have the opportunity to shave... Or fine, I have been lazy and haven't gone to the gym in about 3 weeks so haven't shaved....whatever the reason may be with no judgement... The lack of shaving has brought on a few new residents errr or something.

Let me back up and explain that I lucked out in the fact that my arm and leg hair is fine and blonde, so I can get away with not shaving a little longer than most... this is a blessing I take for granted I admit it... My recent adaptation to not shave my legs to help conserve hot water in the morning...or for whatever reason (maybe one of those in the previous paragraph) has shown that being pregnant can even alter your hair... I have 5-6 random dark hairs that are crazy long taking up residence on my legs...it's like radioactive growth... I blame the prenatal vitamins or something its strange!

Needless to say, I keep telling myself I will shave tomorrow because these little guys have got to be stopped! Consider this fair warning that if you don't keep up with your grooming regimands you may have some startling discoveries!


  1. Heh, wait until you start getting hair in strange places thanks to those "prenatal vitamins or something"!!

  2. You are lucky that you have blonde hair!!! I have super dark, super thick hair so when my leg hair grows it grows in dark and thick! It's noticeable after the first 2 days! I always wear pants during winter so LOL I never shave my legs. My spouse is starting to complain.