Tuesday, March 18, 2014

12 Month Update~ Sebastian


We have quickly integrated what we eat into what you eat and supplemented with veggie/fruit pouches and nursing.


Night: Bedtime for you starts around 8 you typically fall asleep between 830pm and 930pm.  You are usually up around 11/12 for a snack and then around 2/3 AM then you usually sleep until 730 or 8 in the morning.

Day: We are starting the one nap transition... some days you take 2 naps one around noon and one around 4ish.  But there are more days that you don't take your first nap until around 1 and you typically sleep for an hour and half some days more some days less.  Then that bumps your bedtime to 730pm.

You are walking!  You are also clapping and you have even pointed.  You have even starting to "dance" you bob your head and shake it left to right to music... you don't quite keep the rhythm  but you are moving and that is rhythm enough for me!

You are in the "putting things in things" phase... including anything you can get your hands on into the toilet.  Of course I have only had to pull out items twice before blocking you from toilet access all together (which is difficult since your sister is new to the potty and needs quick access).


The dogs are funny and getting tickled is also OH SO Funny!


You really seem to gravitate towards cars and blocks and anything you can bang on a hard surface.  As much as we enjoy watching you with the matchbox cars we have set them out of reach so you don't choke on them so you will have to wait a little longer before you get to enjoy them.


You can still wear most 12 month pants and shirts but not for long the onesies are getting hard to button and are now transitioning into 12-18 month clothes!  But it seems we will have the same issues we had with Maggie where you will need to fill in those clothes a bit... I am still bothered at the fact they don't do a 12-15 month size....


Your hair is really starting to grow in.. but it is more blonde than strawberry blonde.


They are BLUE!!


Birth: 7 lbs 15.512 oz; 21" long
1 Week: 8 lbs 7 oz (54th percentile); 22" long (99th percentile); 14" head circumference (68th percentile)
2 Week: 8 lbs 12.5 oz (55th percentile); 21.25" long*(81st percentile); 14.61" head circumference (84th percentile)
1 Month: 10 lbs 8 oz (69th percentile); 22.75 " long (97th percentile); 15.35" head circumference (96th percentile)
2 Month: 12 lbs 2 oz (38th percentile); 24" long (82nd percentile); 15.75 head circumference (70th percentile)
4 Month: 14 lbs 2 oz (21st percentile); 26" long (83rd percentile); 16.61" head circumference (66th percentile)
6 Month: 16 lbs 15oz (37th percentile); 28.5" long (98th percentile); 17.13" head circumference (54th percentile)
9 Month:  18 lbs 6 oz (26th percentile); 29" long (75th percentile); 17.91" head circumference (64th percentile)
12 Month: 20 lbs 1 oz (29th percentile); 30.5" long (74 percentile); 18.25" head circumference (58th percentile)

* You didn't shrink you were incorrectly measured at your previous appt.