Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Captian's Sayings

So Maggie says some pretty cute stuff. And I am sure I will forget most of it as time speeds on. So I thought I would jot a few here.

Current Nicknames in order of use
1. Love Bug. I call her this the most. So much so she tells me I am her Love Bug
2. Pooh Bear. Been with her since she was born and I still use it.
3. Captain. This has come and gone as a nickname and is now back in fashion. Especially when she is acting in charge.
4. Snuggles. Usually I call her this when she is being extra cute. Also I will add Captain to it making it "Captain Snuggles"

Sayings I love
1. You're my favorite daughter" Maggie's follow up after she tells me she loves me.
2. "No thank you". Maggie's way of saying no to something you want her to do. For example. Me - "Maggie lets put on your pants" Maggie - "No thank you".
3. "I pooped too." Maggie's answer to my question "Did you poop?"
4. "I need to smile again". This phrase is said when she gets upset and starts to cry.
5. "A Girl baby". Maggie's response to "What kind of baby is Sebastian?"
6. "He has a tail". Maggie's response to seeing Sebastian without a diaper.
7. "Need to go to the beach." Spoken at least once a day and during the winter.

I can't wait until Sebastian starts with his own phrases.

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