Friday, May 24, 2013

2 Month Update~Sebastian


You sleep, you wake up, you are fed, you are changed, you may look around a bit or fall back asleep.  Your "witching" hour is still around 8 or so at night and you need constant care until about 11 or so at night.

One thing is for sure you are a velcro baby, you want to be held always!


Exclusively breast fed!  And you are a champ at eating!  You do seem to spit up quite a bit but the pediatrician says that is normal and you will probably spit up more the more active you get... hmm.  We have noticed some changes in the color of your stool and things seem a bit mucusy but the pediatrician doesn't seem to concerned we are just going to keep an eye on it.  We researched it and the pediatrician confirmed that it could possibly be a couple things  worse case scenario a milk protein allergy but since we haven't seen blood in your stool we haven't made that leap it could also be that you are getting too much fore milk so I am trying a method recommended by some of my breastfeeding mom friends called the Milk Shake... where I rub/shake my breast to "mix" up the milk and help get the hind milk to release from the glands.... It seems to be working!


You are spending more time awake but still nap quite a bit, and prefer being held for naps.

Night: You are sticking with your pattern usually around 2/3 AM and the again around 6/7 AM so you have extended the amount you are sleeping, 

Day: You typically nap most of the morning starting at like 9/10 am, are awake during Maggie's nap and then go down for an afternoon nap around 3/4 pm you are usually awake again around 6ish and then go down for the night around 8/9 pm... You have started to get a little fussy a little after 7 until I get you down... not always but more often then not.


You are tracking things with your eyes, you smile and coo and do great with tummy time and holding your head up!


You like to smile at your big sister, the dogs and Mommy and Muti!


No toys yet


Less and less 0-3 month items, You have started wearing 3-6 month and I purchased onesie extenders so you can wear some of the "shorter" onesies a bit longer. 


You are looking more strawberry blonde!


They are BLUE!!


Birth: 7 lbs 15.512 oz; 21" long
1 Week: 8 lbs 7 oz (54th percentile); 22" long (99th percentile); 14" head circumference (68th percentile)
2 Week: 8 lbs 12.5 oz (55th percentile); 21.25" long*(81st percentile); 14.61" head circumference (84th percentile)
1 Month: 10 lbs 8 oz (69th percentile); 22.75 " long (97th percentile); 15.35" head circumference (96th percentile)
2 Month: 12 lbs 2 oz (38th percentile); 24" long (82nd percentile); 15.75 head circumference (70th percentile)

* You didn't shrink you were incorrectly measured at your previous appt.

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