Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can it be? 3!

Well the countdown begins.  September 16th is quickly approaching!

Where has the time gone???  I have to give us some kuddos this blog has really helped us keep track of where we have been since we started planning to have a family.  I am so thankful we both have taken time to keep it going... lately it has been on the back burner and I can't tell you how many posts have to be backdated... but the logging of our lives will keep happening and that is a great thing!!

Back to 3... 3....3....3.

She really is growing up too fast.  It was just yesterday when she was a newborn fighting for her life and now she is happy, healthy and at this very moment is in need of chocolate cake.

Everyday she does something that I find absolutely adorable and think I should blog that... but it ends up as a facebook status update to save time.

She has had some interesting and fun phases and phrases this past year.  Here are some....

Currently she loves tucking anything and everything into bed and "changing" their diapers... in particular a little bear from the Mommas of one of her donor siblings.

When she gets hurt, she needs you to kiss it and then says "that feels much better already!"

She always wants to "Chase You" which is really you chasing her... and she loves when you "dununt" do the jaws theme song while chasing her... and lastly she always "wants to tickle" which means you better tickle her when you do catch her... which is pretty easy since half the time she "chases" right at you and into your arms!

She has an interesting relationship with stickers... she likes to sticker stack... which is just making a huge pile of stickers including the border off the sheet... she has recently incorporated coloring the stickers then stacking them.

She has started to sing a long with songs on her dvds and tv as well as the radio... I especially love hearing her sing when there is no song on prompting her... She will be playing in her sandbox and I will hear her "oh oh trouble trouble oh oh trouble trouble" To answer your question yes, she does love her some Taylor Swift.

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