Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Break-The Indianapolis Zoo

The Indy Zoo is becoming a spring break tradition. We went last year when Audrianna was visiting. We had a really great time but I don't recall if I ever posted pictures from that visit... Here are a few from last year!

Last Years visit to the Zoo- Vanna White-ing the Rhino!

What a zoo crew! This shot is from last year's visit!

This year the zoo was a must... Audrianna let us know when she got here she was hoping to go again... Mostly to see the baboons... Last year they left quite the impression with Audrianna. Lets just say baboon genitals were involved and they didn't disappoint this year with even more genital shenanigans... I will leave the details to your imagination. Now I am sure Audrianna wanted to see more than just the baboons on this visit here are some photos of our zoo adventure this year. Kim and Glenn also hung out with us at the zoo, there was a point where we separated to see different things but all of us had a great time... even though the penguin show was a disappointment for Kim.

Audrianna observing the baboons

Glenn holding up a post

This year's Rhino Pose.

Seana shows Maggie the texture of rock

Maggie giving away a smile

Kim and Glenn in the back ground.. Maggie chatting

Family photo with Desert backdrop! Ahh it makes me miss New Mexico.

Seana looking at snakes...Kim in background

Ahhh Snakes!

Maggie gets a look at one ugly mug~this is a photo of a is displayed as actual size!

Audrianna hunting down a shark to pet!

Shark petting!

Maggie and Seana checking out the Sharks!

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