Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rolling over to a New Year

Our little girl did it! She has rolled over!

Her first roll was from tummy to back on Dec. 27th witnessed by myself, her Grandma and our Aunt Robbie... I had a camera ready... and missed getting it on video Bahh!

Then on New Years Eve day, I was taking advantage of having Seana home from work, I was sitting on the floor next to where Maggie was playing on her back. My attention not focused on Maggie but on the TV, I was watching Grey's Anatomy and eating oatmeal for breakfast while talking to Seana.... Yes this is me multi-tasking if you will. I glance down and realize that Maggie is now on her tummy! AND I MISSED THE WHOLE THING!

So I finish my breakfast, roll her back on to her back and go for the camera... I come back and she is on her tummy again! She is a rolling NINJA!!

So here is the footage I finally managed to get... not her first time but close enough!

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