Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Two Hours of prodding for a signature????

So today I had the following:
An entire physical including the simple things like Blood pressure to the “wear this gown” tests
A urine test for … who cares what for, I had to pee in a cup
A blood draw – which took both arms due to my shy veins
A Tuberculosis test – which includes needles and something called “a wheel” under my skin

You may be asking … “Are you ill? Why all the tests?” Well apparently for my adoption paper work they need to know if I have high cholesterol, a bad BMI, TB, STDs, and diabetes. Explain to me why adoption cares about this? The paperwork also asked my Dr. if I had history of drug abuse or was emotionally unstable ….. wait ….. how would my Dr even know that!?!

Well what made it all better is MJ and Maggie were there cheering me along (and Melissa had blood work done too cause she lives in the household where I am adopting). Maggie even threw up milk to show her disgust at the whole injustice of the situation. When we left the office, Maggie was exhausted and MJ and I looked all beaten up, but I think we all felt better knowing it was behind us.

Up next …. Setting up the home study.

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