Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Maggie likes today

Just wanted to take a minute to capture what Maggie is like right now.

She is still a morning baby. She is chatty in the morning and all smiles. It is still one of my favorite parts of the day. Lately she has been sitting with me at the table. I will sit her on my leg and hold her with my left hand and arm while she looks at toys I sit on the table. She will play while I eat one handed. I love it! I love the fact she will sit and play long enough for me to eat. I love the fact that she tries to look on my plate and the fact that she grabs my napkin and plays with it.

She has started to pull things to her mouth. She currently loves napkins. I am constantly telling her "Don't eat it." She still loves to be changed .... well she loves having no diaper on. Since she rolls over, we can no longer leave her on the changing table. While on her belly. she will reach for toys in front of her and talk to them.

She makes me smile every day and I am so blessed to have her and Melissa.

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