Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Schedule... Ssshmedule

Since Maggie's birth we have heard and read that babies need to be on a schedule... Seana and I have discussed it and attempted it and ignored it over the past 4 months... But this last week we decided it was time.

We are getting on a schedule...There are various reasons... for instance: I am tired of staying up until the middle of the night, I want some down time and I want it at night not if I wake up before her. Most importantly Seana and I don't have any one on one time really and we miss each other.

So we are on day 3ish of getting Maggie to bed at 9 and asleep soon after. Let me just say that we did keep a schedule before it was called Maggie's schedule... she dictated her needs and we met them. I haven't wandered to far from this... during the day I feed her, change her diaper and let her nap pretty much when SHE dictates it, but I have noted the times these are taking place and I have been trying to veer her to do these things at about the same time every day so that there is some consistency.

Right now this is Maggie's day (Please note that this is week 1 and these times are in the key of ISH as in 1ish or 2ish we are not that tight of a ship!):

930 AM- Rise and Shine its Smiling time and a quick diaper change!
10 AM-MMMM Breakfast! Another diaper change...
11-Noon-Play!!!! and EAT! sometimes a mini nap....
Noon-1 PM- Short Nap Time
1 PM- Diaper change
1PM - 3PM- Your baby can read time and ride with Mommy in my Snugli!
3PM- Time to EAT!!! Diaper change time!
3PM-6PM- The big Sleep
6PM-830PM- Diaper Change....EAT!!! Hang out with Mutti (Seana), watch Mommy and Mutti eat dinner and PLAY!!!
830PM-Get ready for bed... put on my PJs, go through flash cards or read a book, and get ready for bed!
9PM-EAT!!!! Fall asleep for the night....Mommy and Mutti hope anyway!

This is kind of how her day goes... some days she takes more naps or eats more snacks... but you get the idea.

So far we have successfully gotten her to fall asleep by 930 PM... the trick is whether she stays asleep... wouldn't you know it... she WAKES up at about 1030 and wont get back to sleep until midnight or 1 AM!!! BAAAAH! Not a good time for Mommy or Mutti!!! It is during this wonderful period of time... the schedule becomes a ssshmedule in my mind and I want to throw it out the window!!

Luckily, I have learned patience.. or I have a Seana!! Who is great at answering my "Im going crazy" pleas and gives me a few minutes to calm down!!

We will get this schedule thing going... it seems to be working... after all this post exists! I accomplished writing this while she sleeps! YAY!

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