Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Audrianna Visits!!

One of our favorite times of the year is when Audrianna visits!  This year she had an extended stay of 3 weeks!  So as much as we wanted to pack a whole bunch in we were acting on a limited budget and the what ails you during the 1st trimester!  

Most of our days together were spent watching Fringe on Prime...But we did have some highlights that we managed to capture!

We did manage to go to the Norwalk Aquarium... Where we got the only picture of us together...
Audrianna pet sharks and rays while Maggie watched!
Maggie really enjoyed their meerkat exhibit... odd that an aquarium has meerkats but whatever.

We also made it to the beach! The tide was out so the water was shallow and warm!

Audrianna found a hermit crab and here she is showing it to Maggie!  She named him Harry and put him in a bucket... unfortunately that was not a good place for Harry and he didn't make it to the afternoon... whoops. RIP friend.

Maggie showed Audrianna her miso soup eating skills!
We went to the world famous pizza joint in New Haven~ Pepes!  YUM!
We were all smiles!

We also went to Six Flags over New England!  Which is great for a coaster fanatic like myself and Audrianna!  Too bad for me pregnancy and roller coasters don't mix so I had to watch Audrianna have all the fun! Here Audrianna waits for the Goliath Coaster, which is their newest thriller!  Unfortunately the long wait and the shortness of the ride didn't warrant a repeat... unlike the amazing Bizarro~ not only is the thing huge but it is the longest coaster there!  I think Audrianna went on it 3 times!
Checking out what Six Flags has to offer!
Walking around the park while we waited for Audrianna!
They also had a water park so for the afternoon we spent our time splashing in the water!
And being a lil' crazy!

And a lil' cold as it wasn't the warmest day for our visit... which is great for waiting in line for coasters but not so great in the water!
We also just hung out at our own water park!  The front yard splash mat!  Nothing is cooler!
Audrianna makes everything more fun and the accessories can't be beat!

Being cute and playing with Muti's hat on an average no frill day!

Feeling the cousin love!
Our second visit to Six Flags was more water park focused and the temperature was perfect for it!  Gotta love the lazy river!

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