Friday, August 17, 2012

Our first Prenatal visit

Last year when we started the discussion of trying for baby 2, we actually met with Dr. Levi at the fertility clinic just to start planning and know the steps for making this happen... During our consult Dr. Levi recommended a midwife for us... more specifically for me to get my annual pap with as I was up for renewal... So I went with Maggie in tow and met with Katie Despot who practices with Dr. Laser and Dr. Deals... I kid you not!   Had a great chat with her and did the dreaded pap.

Well I loved her.  So when we got pregnant I could already check "hunt for prenatal care" off my to do list!   

Seana hadn't gotten to meet her so this was her chance to yay or nay my decision... Yes she does have a vote when it comes to who we see for our prenatal care!  

Lucky for me, Seana liked her!  Or at least she didn't dislike her, she is no Marisol in her book but she also doesn't work in the same environment at Marisol.

Our first visit came complete with ultrasound!!! YAY!!!  A couple weeks have passed since our last ultrasound and you can definitely see the progression of how our baby is developing!!  Pisces looks like a baby!!!!  And is giving all signs that point to healthy!!

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