Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let the guessing begin!

We went in for our 2nd ultrasound, this was with the fertility clinic.  We of course were excited because of the ultrasound!!  Any opportunity for an ultrasound we jump for!!  Since our last ultrasound was a week ago, there isn't too much of a difference between the two ultrasounds... but again you see the oval and the yolk sac.  The main purpose of this visit was to make sure that the heart rate of the baby is within the normal range for this time in the pregnancy... You will be happy to know that it is within the normal range.

Dr. Levi's assistant Christine did the ultrasound... I don't know her professional title, but she actually has done most of the "work" on me... as in the tubal flush and set up for the insemination..(I always credit Seana for the actual insemination as she pushed the plunger!!)  Both ultrasound visits as well as a couple of the ultrasounds to view my follicles... So I guess you could say we are familiar with her...

Well... all that to say she is betting on us having a baby boy!  Why? Well our baby's heart rate was on the lower spectrum of the normal range and from her experience this correlates to a male gender.   She said she has a 40% chance of being right so we will see if she is right!

This was our last visit with them since all looks well!  But I will be sure to call them and let Christine know if her hunch was right once we know!

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