Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Weekend Get Away-Outside of Albany, NY

we were invited for a short weekend get away by our friends Steve and Roz to a friend of theirs outside Albany, NY and opted to join them!  It was a great weekend get away!  The turn out was not as much as they had expected but that was all the better for us!  Unfortunately I failed to bring out our camera much... so these are the only two photos I got!

Maggie next to Roz and her little girl Nora! Oh and the dog-Bear!
 Maggie appearing very tall from this angle!
The weekend was TV free, and it was one that held much rain in the forecast!  But the food was amazing and home cooked!

Plus we ventured out to a local farmer's market that was FANTASTIC!!  There was a great selection of venders including those serving hot food!  I bought some beeswax candles that I thought were super cute!

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