Thursday, July 12, 2012

Children's Museum with Muti and Friends!

This was a special trip to the Children's Museum because Muti was in tow!  She doesn't get to do many outings with us during the week and we rarely go to Maggie Oriented places on the weekend.  I know Muti cherishes these moments with her daughter just as I cherish watching them explore together!

Here they work on a forest animals puzzle together!

 Here Maggie puts on and takes off "petals" of the flower!
 We met up with some friends for the day as well!  Miles and his Mommy Natasha!
 Building some more!
 Laughing!  Here is Miles with his friend Ben!
 Ooh a Tunnel that lights up!
 Maggie crawling through the tunnel!
 Miles and Ben crawling through the tunnel!
 Miles sees a friend... Clifford!!
 Maggie and Muti playing with colors and light!
 Water!!!! (and germs)
 Look at all these balls!

 Muti and Maggie!
 Maggie found a ball!
and of course... a video!

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