Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting Game

Well got up at 630 AM to get my blood drawn at 7 AM.  This was the one that would tell us if we were going to be blessed with a Pisces or not.  I woke up that morning checking for my period which I was anticipating waking up to as this was the day my ovulation calendar said it would start by.... no period just cramps!  I had been experiencing cramps the past couple days.  The first day of cramps I was certain that meant period.  But it failed to show up and the longer the cramps remained the more I was starting to believe I was pregnant.   When I showed up for the blood draw they asked how I was feeling I told them about the cramps and that I hadn't got my period yet... their response was "That is great news."  So a little prick and we were on our way to face the day.

It was a LONG day, I tend to be impatient so I tried to keep myself busy. The call came in at 2:50 PM and the news was good.  Pisces it is!  And we couldn't be happier!

Next steps... We start with another blood test Friday morning to make sure my numbers are going up, a possible 3rd blood draw next week if my numbers aren't looking as good as they want them to (we discussed the  fact that I would be in NM and they said that Friday when I come in to remind them of the vacation and they will write up lab request form for me to take with should they want the test and I can have my blood drawn out there) and lastly I am scheduled for my first ultrasound on July 25th!! Now this ultrasound is mostly for making sure I don't have an ectopic pregnancy, we should be able to see it as they look for the development of the amniotic sac as well but it will be a bit before we get to hear the heartbeat since I will only be about 6 weeks along.

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