Monday, July 9, 2012


Well it is that time when we are just in limbo.  We could or could not be pregnant and right now I am feeling the symptoms of my period creeping in which makes me feel like this month is a fail.  My only hope is that when I found out I was pregnant with Maggie I was almost positive I was getting my period because I had period symptoms. Mostly cramps...

So it is just a huge waiting game until Wednesday.  It is tempting to go by a home pregnancy test but I have already paid for the blood test I will get on Wednesday so this will be my lesson on patience. Plus my period should be here by Wednesday if I get that in the mean time I will have my answer with no additional money out of pocket.  The fertility clinic wants to do a test regardless of period I guess they said that IUI can increase the chance of an ectopic pregnancy.

I can't help but hope that we will get our pisces!

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