Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Mexico and Colorado!

I was very excited to take Maggie to my home town or at least very close to it.  We decided to spend two weeks out west (we being Maggie and I, Seana's vacation days were limiting so she joined us 5 days after we headed out).  So from July 13th to July 20th we spent our time staying with my parents in their home in Jamestown, NM.  

It gave Maggie a good amount of time to get to know her Grandma & Grandpa a bit.  Maggie started out her visit swinging with Grandma!
She then proceeded to get spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa with a little 4 wheeler just her size with helmet!!
She also got to enjoy Direct TV's many Disney channels while wearing Grandpa's hat!
She got to play music with the wind chimes!
Smell her Grandma's flowers!
Shop for the perfect pair of Cowgirl Boots!

And a lasso!
Maggie got the opportunity to "GO COUNTRY!"
Explore Gallup!
Ride on Grandpa's shoulders!
Take in the sights of the arid landscapes!
Find Rocks!
Spin some garden fairies round and round!
Wear as many barrets as possible!
Wear working gloves!
Spend time with more Family!  Uncle Mark & Aunt Rob(not in picture) and Cousins Christy, Aaron & Alyssa who came out to visit from the 15th to the 19th!
We got the opportunity to see one of my best friends, Sara and her son Douglas!
More hang out time with Grandma!
Watch some Native American Dances!

Get snuggled by Muti!
See really huge pottery!
Eat Shaved ice!!
If the pictures weren't enough here is some of the action caught on tape!
Our visit to New Mexico didn't feel long enough, it was hard to leave but we had more people to see up in Colorado!!

We started our visit with an afternoon with Aunt Heather.... where Maggie fell in love with Aunt Heather's drum!

She got to hang out with the very fun Aunt Heather...

The next day we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs!  They have quite the Giraffe Exhibit!

And a new addition!
The zoo was a great opportunity for us to hang out with some old friends and their mini mes!! Here is Amber's daughter Eliana showing Maggie the Zoo ropes!
Muti and Maggie checking out some Mountain Lions!
Here is some of group that joined us at the zoo!  From left to right:  Jenn, Wyatt, baby Payson, Robyn, Ray, Kaytlynn, Jimmy, Niffy and her son Ryan, Justin, Seana, Maggie, Sarah, Me, Mickie and Sarah's son Ian, Ryan and his daughter Eliana and not pictured is Amber as she took the photo!
After the zoo we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and hung out.. Here is little Ryan!
Jenn and Ray perusing the menu!
Ryan (who is a doppleganger for my brother... especially in this shot!!!!), Amber and Amber's Mom!
Eliana and Maggie trying out their new hats!
One of our last stops in Colorado Springs was to have some play time with Payson!!
Isn't she cute!!!
Muti and Maggie checking out some of Payson's toys!
Maggie showing Payson her monkey!
Instant friends!!
Someone working up to a stand with the help of the couch!
Maggie getting a kick out of little Payson!
And of course a video!!!

We ended our Colorado tour with dinner with Justin and Marian Sasso and then a very early flight back to the east coast!  It was a great visit but so quick!  There were so many people we didn't get to connect with... hopefully next time!

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