Monday, July 9, 2012

Hanging with Amber over the 4th of July!

Seana was traveling right before the 4th of July holiday and due to some hang ups we spent most of the 4th of July apart from each other.  Despite this Maggie and I tried to make the most of it and couldn't be more grateful of the hospitality of others!

On July 3rd we went to see fireworks at a friend's place!  Amber's Mom is a wonderful host and her swing set was a hit for Maggie!

Here Maggie prepares to slide!
 Swinging in the darkness as we wait for fireworks to go off in the distance!
 Sitting together on the porch bench are Amber and Maggie!
On the 5th of July we went with Amber and her Mom to the beach!  YAY!
 Splashing Together!
 Exploring the beach!
 Amber shared her strawberries with Maggie!  So sweet!
 Aren't they adorable??!!
 I think they are adding some sand to their strawberries here..
 We wrapped up the week with a trip to the Zoo together on the 6th!
 Enjoying a snack before we start out!
 Here they are with Amber's therapist John (I think) checking out the Piggies!
 Maggie sharing her great find!! A Stick!!
 Looking at some ducks!
 Relaxing outside the Rainforest exhibit!
 Playing with the water near the elephant fountain!
 This is how Maggie reacts to the cold spray of water!!
This was a great couple days hanging out with some great gals!  One of the very "drawing" factors of Connecticut is all the great people who have open their doors to us being a part of their lives!!  So thankful for people like Melody(aka Amber's Mommy!)

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