Wednesday, July 20, 2011

10 Months!

With so much going on the 9 month blog didn't happen and since we just hit 10 months I figure this is where I should give an update!


You usually wake up between 830 and 9 am, we roll out of bed and get you some breakfast, then we strip down and get lubed up with sunscreen put on a bathing suit and head to the pool around 10 or 1030, where you splash around for about an hour, then we come back to our apartment and you get a bath (if you are still awake sometimes you fall asleep on the walk home) and then you nurse and take your noon nap... this has become a long nap you usually wake up around 230 or 3 at which time you watch your baby can read video and a baby einstein video while I clean up or take care of the dogs. Then we read a book or two and when Mutti gets home for work we get ready for dinner then go for a walk and then play a little then it is bed time around 830 or 9 ish.

Now this is how your best days go, but you have a tendency of throwing your naps off and then not getting to bed until later like 11pm or most recently after the day of our visit to the beach ended at 2 am.... Not a routine we want to establish.


You still nurse but we have cut down the number of nursing sessions to 5, we tracked your eating habits for a bit and discovered you are a bit of a snacker with the direction of our occupational therapist we have adjusted your eating to the 5 nursing sessions in a 24 hr period with 2 meals a day that consist of a fruit/vegetable a grain and it coincides with a nursing session. This is suppose to help you get to where you sleep through the night... something I will go over in the next section.

You eat a lot of different foods as in fruits and vegetables... we haven't introduced meat yet but that is next on the list... You most recently had your first macaroni and cheese experience... you of course LOVED it! We have taken the slow road of introducing 1 food at a time up until a couple weeks ago when we started giving you more table foods and soft food pieces that have more than 1 ingredient in them. So far you haven't had any adverse reactions to any food. And you would prefer to feed yourself.


You still do not sleep through the night.

You usually wake up twice a night, once between midnight and 2 am and once between 430am and 6 am. For the most part I only feed you once a night the 430 to 6 am time frame... but you would prefer it if I fed you both times...which I do when I am too tired to do the work to soothe you back to sleep without the nursing.

I am hoping that the older you get the better the chance of getting you to a point that you can sleep through the night since up until now your Mutti and I have chosen not to do the cry it out method with you... YET. The time will come.


I feel like there have been so many already...

You are crawling, furniture surfing, babbling many different sounds, you have said Momma and meant it.... You are working on the word Ball... but Im not sure if you know what a ball is.

You haven't walked yet. Your pediatrician thinks you will work around 11 months... we will see. You don't seem to interested in assisted walking.. you would rather crawl to your destination.

You enjoy the stairs and we are teaching you to go down the stairs in the safest love climbing.... up and then working your way down the stairs. It makes Mommy nervous but not nearly as nervous as it makes your Mutti!


You find the dogs to still be funny. You also seem to think you are funny... you laugh to yourself a lot... I sometime wonder if you are saying little jokes to yourself in your head because you will laugh at what seems like nothing involving the environment your are in.... You love to shake things and you also love to clap and bob your head to music!


the wiggle giggler is always a hit, you also really like to play with the boxes of toys you much so I have kept a couple of them in your toy box.


You now wear the pants of 6-9 months,for shirts you are wearing the 9-12 month or 12 month tops. You can fit into some 18 month clothes you have a swim suit that you wear that is 18 months and a couple onezie dress thingies that fit you that are 18 month.


The tips are still brown, but most of your hair is a dark blonde with a strawberry hue to it, especially when you wear pink!


Your eyes are definitely blue and pretty as can be!


Birth: 9 lbs 8 oz (99th percentile), 21 1/2" long
3 Months: 14 lbs 3 oz (90th percentile), 24 3/4" long (97th percentile)
6 Months: 17lbs 12 oz (83rd percentile), 28 1/2" long (99th percentile)
9 Months: 18lbs 14 oz (56th percentile), 29 3/4" long (95th percentile)

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