Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Connecticut Plan

June has been a crazy month! We had trips to Chicago and Nashville and have decided to take off to Connecticut for 4 months starting in July....

The Connecticut Plan.

Well we have decided to only pack the necessities no furniture and is minimalistic as possible with the intent to buy what we need when we get out there. We have some friends who were recently married moving into our place to watch it for us in our absence so they will have a fully furnished home to abide in. We have found a 850 SQ FT 1 bedroom apartment to live in and are going to take the dogs so we are really going to have little living space!

So I have been doing some deep cleaning and organizing of our home for our house sitters.... and now I have to get to packing.... Luckily my parents are here this week and are "eager" to help. I have my dad doing some "manly" projects around the place... mostly yard work and I have to say it is great to have the help! My mom and I are cleaning/inventory-ing and I am making a pack pile!

During their down time which they have some of I didn't leave a ton for them to do, they are babysitting!!! Which is SO helpful, I am getting so much more accomplished not having to watch Maggie while packing and cleaning.

I guess I should tell the rest of the plan, My parents are here through the 9th of July so Seana and I are leaving for Connecticut seperately. She is leaving on the 4th of July by car and Maggie and I are leaving on the 9th by plane! Seana is taking Odie and Marley and I am taking Zia.

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