Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bottom Teeth = Pry Bar

So over the last few days, Maggie has discovered how to open things using her bottom teeth.

Usually when I am putting sunscreen on her I let her play with the tube... until she discovered "hey I can pop the top with my bottom teeth" which resulted in sunscreen in the mouth... umm Yuck.

So I figure no more playing with the tube... well yesterday I was using the lap top and she found her way to me and was trying to hit the keys so I closed the lap top and set it on our end table. She went over to explore it... I figure no big deal... she usually will slap it a couple times and then be on her way... well I look over and she has her mouth on it and is prying it open with her teeth... NOT Kidding! She wedged her arm in the gap she had created using her bottom teeth to catch the edge of the laptop and was working on opening it up.... So the lap top is only safe out of reach!!

This morning I gave her a spoon holder ( a little plastic container for her spoons on the go) she went straight to trying to pry open each side of the container.. so I had to take it away...

It is official nothing is safe!

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