Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Todd's Driftway

A must for us during our stay in Connecticut is spending some time at the beach... any beach... Well any kid friendly, not trashed beach.

So our first beach visit was to Todd's Driftway outlooking the Long Island Sound. Very clean, very beautiful.... very kid friendly.

We went with one of Seana's friends from high school, Laura. Laura lives in Greenwich, CT and has hosting perfected! We were surprised with a "house warming" gift for Seana and I, as well as a book and a toy for Maggie. She fed us Bagels and Lox with cream cheese... and was our guide to getting to our first beach... She even paid for our parking and day passes. Thank You Laura!!

So Todd's Driftway... non residents have to pay $2o to park and $5 per person over 5 to use the beach... pricey yes... but the place was super clean and perfect for Maggie's first beach experience!

We spent the day with Laura, her husband and their boys, and her husband's brother, his wife and their daughter who was also a September 2010 baby. Her name is Ava and she is super cute... and on the move... She has walking down! The girls didn't interact once we were at the beach but it was nice to be around some other people who were actually introduced to us.

We picked the perfect time to go to the beach not even 15 minutes after getting their the tide went out and Maggie got her own little pool with sand to play in. Granted her idea of playing was splashing and "tasting" the sand.

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