Friday, July 8, 2011

Time with Grandma & Grandpa and a trip to Michigan!

Well this week has been crazy. We managed to get the house in order and everything packed (fingers crossed we have everything)! A big Thanks to my parents in all their hard work and Maggie sitting...

Maggie chilling with Grandpa in the backyard!
She is so cute!
She doesn't want to touch the grass!
Looking at the pond with Grandma & Grandpa
We said goodbye to Seana and the dogs on Monday and have spent our time with my parents and extended family up in Michigan.

So this week I took the backseat to planning anything... Decided I would just let my parents take us where ever and enjoy the people around me. The only downside to this plan is I didn't get to see my friend Kim this trip... and by the end of the week found my way back into some of the planning so we could see Audrianna and Melanie and her new addition Harper!

During the week we swam at Aunt Robbie and Uncle Mark's and went and watched my cousin Landon's Tball game! Here is Maggie watching the game!

Landon taking a break from the game to pose!
A pic of Maggie and our cousin Mya in the background!

My mom and Audrianna!
Me & Maggie
Meeting our new cousin Harper Faith!!

This was when I realized how big my baby has gotten, and how tiny Miss Harper is!
My Mom as "Great Aunt Cheryl" with Harper
Cousins & Friends! Me & Melanie and Maggie & Harper!

Connecticut tomorrow!! I can't wait to see my wife!

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