Monday, July 25, 2011

Mystic Aquarium, Mystic Seaport & Olde Mystik Village

Our second weekend exploring Connecticut put us in Mystic, CT... No we did not eat Pizza!

We went to the Aquarium, Seaport and Olde Mystik Village to browse.

The Aquarium was great of course! It is probably becoming obvious that we enjoy aquariums...

Mystic Aquarium has Beluga Whales, Sea Lions, Penguins and a special exhibit of "outback" birds....along with the usual aquarium wild life.

Beluga Whale


Pet a shark!

Family photo in the "marshes" exhibit

The bird exhibit was just a huge walk in parakeet and canary cage essentially... but a lot of fun. It became the highlight of our visit!

The seaport was an actual seaport in the late 1800s and is now restored and displayed as the seaport and its shops would have looked like at that time with displays showing both history and insight as to how the trades worked. Of course they had boats and ships you could walk on and learn about. We ended up cutting our visit short due to hunger and the desire to eat food at the village in lieu of "park" vendor food. Before leaving I did get to see a life size replica of a real light house! Some of you may know I love light houses so this was a highlight for me!

The Mystik Village was great, super cute shops a wide variety of items... A LOT of collector knick knacks... I refer to it as hoarder heaven! They also had some restaurants to choose from, we went to this place called Ten Clams... it was pretty tasty we had fried clams for an appetizer and split their 1 lb burger with fries.... Maggie even had some fries... something I didn't think we would give her at 10 months but she was gonna get addicted to them eventually any way right???!!!

All in all it was a very packed but fun exploration of the area!

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