Monday, August 1, 2011

Yankees Game!

Seana won Yankees tickets at work... She should buy a lottery ticket with the luck she has been having!

So Friday night was our game night and our first trip into NY... well to the Bronx anyway! We took the Yankee train (I am pretty sure it has a different name) which is a train that runs just for the game goers. Our first time using the metro and we did it with ease!

Unfortunately the game was delayed for almost 2 hours due to rain... it was a regular down pour.. but we chose to wait it out... actually we almost left when the rain stopped and the game started and we opted to stay. The thing about this east coast rain especially in the stadium is it doesn't cool down... it just gets MUGGY!! Oh man, I think everyone in there was only adding to the humidity with their sweat!! It was... not nice... but we still had a great time...

The new Yankee Stadium

Love this photo... see New Yorkers are nice...
Maggie was a trooper for this game.. since the game didn't start until almost 9 we knew it was going to be a late night, this is Maggie 2nd outfit the first was drenched... somehow she managed to fall asleep and slept through most of the game and the most of the ride home... woke up on the train but fell back asleep in the car (thank GOD!)

So the Yankees lost to the Baltimore Orioles we didn't stick around to see it we left at the bottom of the 8th to get a prime seat on the train.

What a great way to experience NY! Oh and I almost forgot the wings I had some great wings while we were waiting out the rain!!

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