Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A day in New York

We figured Audrianna's visit was a great excuse to go and see New York! Being the wonderful hosts that we are, we asked her what she wanted to see most and she said the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Believe it when I say that those 2 things can fill one day of sight seeing in our world.

Our day started with getting up at 8 and getting ready, taking the dogs out at 10ish and driving to Stamford to catch the 10:53 train into the city. The train took us to Grand Central station where we then hopped onto Subway line 4 to the bowling green, where we then walked through Battery Park to get our Liberty Cruises tickets for the 1pm boat!

Here we are waiting in the line for security, yep you are required to go through security to do the trip.
Then we were off to see Lady Liberty! Hanging inside the boat as we approached.

Once we were close to the Statue we made our way to the deck to enjoy the view!
We decided to not get off the boat at the Statue of Liberty since we really just wanted to see it, and one view of the line to get back on the boat confirmed that the view from the boat was perfect! Plus at this angle we could try to capture a pinch of the Lady's rump.

Next we stopped at Ellis Island which had a really great exhibit! Enough to side track us to forget to take photos! We did have a "pro" photo done that we purchased, once back in Indy I will probably scan it so I can post it here... Consider this spot dogeared for said photo!

The return trip was quick... Just enough time for Seana to take a self portrait with Maggie.
As we walked back to the Subway we stopped at this monument to 9/11 this globe was a piece of art near the World Trade Center that survived... tattered but still intact. Next to it a flame burns in remembrance. Crazy to think that we are just a couple weeks shy of 10 years... and I think most of us remember that day like it was yesterday.
We got back to Grand Central just in time to catch the 5:40ish train back to Stamford. I have to note that Grand Central is beautiful, and we attempted to get some photos within it but the lighting doesn't really work....

The ride back was enjoyable especially for Maggie as she took in the view.

Needless to say we didn't get back to our apartment until almost 9pm! It was a long day... and we used what felt like every mode of transportation with exception to plane in one day!!!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I live in NYC and I always find it exciting to see the city through the eyes of others. Reminds me how much I want to go back and see the Lady Liberty again!