Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Maritime Aquarium-Norwalk

There is more than one aquarium in Connecticut so we opted to check out the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium...

It is the most inexpensive aquarium we have visited yet at $12.95 per person.

When we first went in we were NOT impressed.. they chose to show their research tanks and labs so you walk down this hallway and see these shelves that showcase these small tanks.. with sharpie notes on them... We were like seriously??

But then we found the real exhibits.. they have a meerkat exhibit.. which we thought odd but they were super cute! They had a great frog exhibit, a nice shark tank and some other good exhibits. They also had a toddler play area that would have been perfect for Maggie... who slept through almost the entire thing! She woke up for the sharks and the harbor seals!

The Meerkats!
Some Fish
Shark Tank with an awake Maggie!

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